Southern Shores teen has been located

By on May 22, 2020

(Southern Shores Police)

Chloe German, the Southern Shores teen last seen in her home on May 17, has been found, according to the Southern Shores Police. Initially identified as a missing teen, she was later reclassified as a runaway.

According to a terse email sent by the Southern Shores Police shortly before noon on Friday, May 22, “The juvenile has been located and reunited with a family member.”





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  • Karen

    I am concerned about the lifting of so many personal safety precautions when North Carolina infections have gone from about 345 a month or so ago, and now they are up in the high 700s and even hit 800 one day. They are going up, not down.
    When the pandemic hit the USA Governor Cooper made a speech that said any changes from what we were initially doing would be based on medical data. We did not even have the required 14 days with the count declining before he changed us to something else.
    I am also concerned that he made wearing a mask optional when the WHO announced yesterday that it was the highest day ever for infections and that 40% of the cases were in the US. They have proven how far viral globules can go in a sneeze, cough, singing, or just talking. We wear them to protect others and ourselves. Masks are not a civil rights issue – they are a health issue.
    I hope the governor will look at the rise in infections before he puts us in an early stage 3.

    Friday, May 22 @ 4:35 pm