A moving reminder of The Lost Colony

By on May 30, 2020

Roanoke Island Historical Association
On behalf of the Roanoke Island Historical Association and our esteemed Alumni, I am pleased to share with you an amazing effort put forth by Lost Colony alumni Jimmie Lee Brooks and a team of artistic professionals from around the country.
During this difficult season when The Lost Colony was cancelled due to COVID 19, a team of passionate alumni rose up and produced a remarkable piece of art which symbolizes the hard work and dedication of those who have labored so hard to ensure the success of The Lost Colony over the past 83 years.
We hope you enjoy the magic of over 100 voices coming together to sing Final March. This is the powerful song performed by the colonists as they leave the fort to continue their struggle for survival.  If you close your eyes – you will hear the Historian utter these beautiful and haunting words:
“In the cold hours before dawn, they began their march …..into the vast unknown”.


“Oh God that madest earth and sky, and hedged the seas around.
Who that vast firmament on high, with golden stars hath bound.
Oh God our Father Lord above, O bright immortal one….
Secure within thy mercy, we walk this death alone”
So even now, centuries later, we offer some whisper of their name with some mention and devotion to the dream that brought them here.  The dream still lives…and shall not die. Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement. We hope you enjoy this beautiful gift from our Alumni.
Kevin Bradley
Board Chairman
Roanoke Island Historical Association

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