Dare County reports 4 new COVID-19 cases

By on June 15, 2020

Cooper considering statewide face mask requirement

On a day when Governor Roy Cooper said he is considering making the use of face masks mandatory in the state, Dare County recorded four new cases of COVID-19, marking the seventh new case to be reported in the last three days.

Those cases bring the total number of COVID-19 infections in Dare County since the pandemic began up to 39. The four cases reported on June 15 all involve non-residents of the county. One is a female between the ages of 50 and 64 and three are males between the ages of 18 and 24. All four have been transferred to their home counties. None of the 15 non-residents who have tested positive in Dare County remains in the county. And of the six active cases in the county itself, one person remains hospitalized and five others are isolating at home.

Earlier in the day, at his regular press briefing, Governor Roy Cooper said that he would announce by “the first of next week” whether “we are going into the next Phase [of opening the state], and if we are, what it will look like.”

On May 20, Cooper announced a more cautious “Safer-at-Home” Phase Two easing of restrictions that allowed some businesses, such as restaurants and personal care services, to open at reduced capacity while keeping others, such as bars and gyms, closed. That Phase Two Order is slated to expire on June 26, and with statewide COVID-19 trends going in the wrong direction, the governor has been non-committal about what he will announce next.

In recent days, the number of new daily COVID-19 cases reported by the state has been near or above 1,000 a day. The number of people in hospitals with COVID-19, roughly 800, is also at a high-water mark. And the percentage of positive COVID-19 tests out of all tests administered in North Carolina is hovering around 10%, which state officials say is among the highest in the country.

With Cooper and NC Health and Human Services Secretary Mandy Cohen frequently expressing concern about those numbers, the governor, in response to a reporter’s question, opened the door to a mandatory face mask requirement at his press conference.

“It is absolutely in discussion right now whether we make cloth face coverings [a requirement] and how we do it,” he said. “We are looking at additional rules to potentially make them mandatory.”

During the press conference, reporters raised several questions about how closely COVID-19 prevention guidelines are being followed in the state — citing examples that ranged from crowded restaurants to social justice demonstrators.


  • Locally annoyed

    So Dare county decided against it because it would be too hard to enforce so how would it be enforced if its required at state level? With the rise in cases here I hope more stores require it because there are a lot of people that won’t even give you a foot in the lines at stores.

    I even saw a woman not wearing a mask cough into her hand then start touching merchandise in a store. So many people don’t care about anyone here. You don’t need all 10+ people you are vacationing with in the store yet food lion stays packed. Dare shouldn’t have opened to visitors yet because, and I sound like a broken record at this point, no one seems to care.

    Monday, Jun 15 @ 9:00 pm
  • Trashcan Man

    If the county won’t mandate the use of masks, maybe the State will. Then we will see a test of wills.
    What is so hard about wearing a face mask? Staying 6 feet from Joe Schmoe?

    Monday, Jun 15 @ 9:00 pm
  • Obxer

    Timing is impeccable just a few weeks of opening were getting contaminated. If you want to spread it dont wear a mask too too many people disregard the recomendations. Give it a few more weeks and let’s see where we are

    Monday, Jun 15 @ 9:56 pm
  • Chick sawyer

    I totally agree with you “locally annoyed”!!! Nobody is going to do anything about all these arrogant tourists because they’re all making money from them. Their wallets are way more important than our safety !!!

    Tuesday, Jun 16 @ 1:07 am
  • Lou Briccant

    Because masks being mandatory would have stopped the new cases? Because new cases aren’t happening anywhere masks are mandatory? In Virginia there are still +/- 1000 new cases a day even though they’re mandatory… get over it and stop blaming tourists just because you’re like the rest of the country as in you also have new cases on the regular.

    Tuesday, Jun 16 @ 5:35 am
  • WBN

    Roy says we might make face masks mandatory. Bobby says we can’t enforce it. Watching to see how this plays out.

    Tuesday, Jun 16 @ 7:36 am
  • Concerned local

    I’m amazed by the number of tourist and locals that are showing complete disregard to their safety and those around them by not wearing a mask and not practicing social distancing. The pandemic is far from being over but you know there are too many of us on this planet anyway so I say to those that don’t wear mask to carry on as if it’s all good out there.

    Tuesday, Jun 16 @ 8:41 am
  • Sean Mulligan

    6 cases in Dare county sounds like an epidemic from the above comments.Sounds like the people who have incomes coming in aka retired are the ones who want the County shutdown.How convenient and how selfish.

    Tuesday, Jun 16 @ 8:49 am
  • Manteo

    The governor will have to require that businesses to require wearing masks. This will help it to work better than just asking people to wear masks. And Lou I am not blaming tourists. Everybody needs to step up and show respect. There are a lot of locals that do not practice guidelines. I work in a profession that is exposed to this virus. It is real. We need to take it seriously.

    Tuesday, Jun 16 @ 9:04 am
  • RAJ

    Dear Bobby wonders “How do you enforce it?”
    If you aren’t wearing a mask then no service or sale.
    Post it on the entrance doors. Let the person wiping the cart down to give a second reminder. If the cashier rings up the sale. Fine the store $500.00 per sale.
    That’ll enforce it!

    Tuesday, Jun 16 @ 9:50 am
  • M

    Remember when everyone was saying” we aren’t coming back to obx” and some were saying” the bridge is burned “ yeah that didn’t last long. Business is booming more than ever. They do need to enforce masks. I hate wearing them but to turn over a million people in this county since they reopened and not mandate wearing masks, it’s not smart. I honestly thought more vacationers would come here with more respect and wear them but I was wrong. Some do, I’m not putting all in this category, but most haven’t. Pretty selfish.

    Tuesday, Jun 16 @ 10:03 am
  • obx local

    The rise in cases is due to the fact that the tourist and non-resident property owners are coming to the OBX from the heavy infected areas. We should have remained closed for longer. As soon as Dare county opened the cases started to rise. Also there is supposed to be some advertisement that is telling people to come to the OBX because it is safer here. All that we are doing is increasing our chances of contracting the virus. Hardly anyone is following the social distancing and don’t care because they think that they have the right to do whatever they want. As every year previous they leave their brains on the other side of the bridge.

    Tuesday, Jun 16 @ 11:31 am
  • Liz

    I just wish they’d make up their minds and quit changing the “mandate” every other day! This thing is exhausting enough!

    Tuesday, Jun 16 @ 12:41 pm
  • Wendy

    I am a local and I do not wear a mask. I have not since the beginning. I am a senior citizen. I do the 6ft distancing. I have breathing problems wearing a mask. Also most of the mask people are wearing do not protect because they have openings or are not of the proper material. Even the CDC said that wearing a mask will not help. Also wear gloves-everytime you touch on item in a store you would have to change them to be safe.

    Tuesday, Jun 16 @ 4:06 pm
  • anotherobxman

    Get your numbers right Lou. Virginia has had a DRAMATIC drop in cases since implementing mandatory masks.

    Tuesday, Jun 16 @ 5:41 pm