In new video, Woodard explains face covering rule

By on June 22, 2020

In a video released on June 22, Dare County Board of Commissioners chair Bob Woodard discusses the new Dare County requirement — which went into effect on June 21 — for wearing face masks in public spaces where social distancing is difficult. In it, he stresses that “our local business owners had requested a stronger tool for compliance.” There are exceptions to the requirement that can be found at

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  • kdh back seat observer

    Bobby, Bob, Bob.

    I hope you are prepared to shut it down again ( read quickly) before the county is over run with covid cases. Look at the data.

    Economics vs a person’s life. Yes, they go hand in hand but you need a person’s life first to have the economics.

    Rise above it, protect what you truly believe in. Don’t be the commissioner that has covid death seared into your legacy.

    Monday, Jun 22 @ 6:45 pm
  • Sharon

    Not buying the part about exceptions. Most I see in the markets are blatantly disregarding your new rule. It doesn’t take much effort to wear a mask long enough to do your grocery shopping or buy your alcohol and cigarettes in the convenient mart. If you’re not healthy enough to wear a mask for a brief period then you should probably get someone more responsible to do your shopping and stay home. Those businesses should have a no entry without mask on the front doors. The state run liquor store does. Why not the other businesses? You made it mandatory. Now enforce it.

    Monday, Jun 22 @ 9:54 pm
  • Johnny

    Bobs last term

    At least enforce it Bob

    Hope you’re ready to shut it down again soon

    Pretty sad this guy makes the for every locals health

    As long as dare has a fat wallet huh?

    You need people to make an economy

    If they’re all sick what you gonna do

    Time for locals to stop showing up for work.

    Enforce it bob!

    Or close the bridge!

    Tuesday, Jun 23 @ 8:10 am
  • Tom

    “our local business owners had requested a stronger tool for compliance” HOGWASH.
    Business owners don’t want to kill their businesses by trying to run their customers off with the unnecessary mask requirement.
    For the ignorant, just like the ignorant young masked woman that insulted my wife and others who were not wearing masks, there are a LOT of folks who cannot wear masks. When the maskers get older they will have to deal with health issues themselves.
    This panic demic is mostly political and the northerners calling for shutting down businesses have TDS.
    Cooper tried to shut down a race track a while back. The leftist media left out the details about the race: Young Republicans of Alamance County had a booth there and a Republican candidate for Governor was also there. Cooper had no problem marching with protestors without a mask and without social distancing. But he will be a typical liberal and mandate mask wearing. Dare county only does what the governor is going to do – puppets.

    Tuesday, Jun 23 @ 4:58 pm
  • Get a clue

    To all of the year round locals who act like it isn’t them and like to always blame everyone else – duck cop ordering a sandwich at Tommy’s with no mask while all employees and patrons do …local. Ace employees all not wearing masks while patrons come in – locals… there are examples on all fronts. Also the shutting down the bridge crap needs to stop considering locals left and came back with it when the bridge was closed. Start realizing that this stuff is everywhere no matter where you are from.

    Tuesday, Jun 23 @ 7:17 pm
  • Lisa

    “our local business owners had requested a stronger tool for compliance” HOGWASH.

    Actually that’s exactly what I heard from a gas station owner on 158. I was wearing a mask and she was wearing a mask, and she was frustrated that people coming into the store didn’t want to be told by the gas station that they had to wear masks. She felt helpless to make them do it. So I can totally believe that business owners don’t want to be the only authority telling people they need to wear masks. They can’t do it alone, especially if the business owners aren’t united in the requirement.

    I saw a graphic from a hospital the other day that said when both parties are wearing a mask, the transmission rate can drop to 1.5% from 70% with adequate social distancing.

    I’m from Maryland, but I won’t be visiting OBX for a while now because I’m not convinced the local area is taking the issue seriously enough. If you want tourists, show that you’re serious about keeping us safe. Calling it political when over 100,000 people have died just makes you sound out of touch and dangerous, and hypocritical when you claim to be pro-life. If you value life, act like it.

    Wednesday, Jun 24 @ 9:57 am
  • Dethrol

    We love our chunk of dirt, our communities, and tend to pull together to overcome tough situations. Sorry you’ll miss the great weather and the opportunity to enjoy everything the Outer Banks has to offer. However, it sounds like you’ve been here recently, since you talked to a station worker on 158. Hmmm, seems like our good governor’s “Safer at Home” policy meant little to you. But that’s okay, you virtue signal yourself back into his good graces by waving the mask banner while spouting purely anecdotal and, I dare say, highly suspect transmission statistics. In Dare County, we’ve sadly had one fatality but no one is in the hospital. We’re doing pretty well. Don’t stay away based on ridiculous assumptions, just stay away.

    Wednesday, Jun 24 @ 9:40 pm
  • KDH beach dogs

    Your comments perfectly illustrate what’s wrong with our country. I wonder if you ever took a science class. Thus is NOT a political issue it’s a public health issue. If your wife can’t wear a mask she should have the good sense, decency and human compassion and stay home! If people can wear bike helmets, seatbelts, etc., I don’t think it’s such a jump to require face masks in the middle of a global pandemic. Put your big boy pants on and mask up for the safety of us all.

    Thursday, Jun 25 @ 9:50 pm
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