A heartfelt thank you to Good Samaritans

By on June 25, 2020

Given the nature of much of the news these days, readers might appreciate a more uplifting story. This email came into the Voice from Christine Fleisher in Duck, who made it clear that she wrote it to “publicly acknowledge thanks to those that helped my husband and I after our accident in Southern Shores on Tuesday” June 23.

Here is her account:

The author and her husband were rescued from this SUV.

Tuesday morning, on our way back from the grocery store, we were heading north on Duck Road in Southern Shores. Another driver, going south on Duck Road, attempted a last-minute left turn as we approached. Even though my husband swerved to the right to avoid hitting this other vehicle, the south bound SUV hit our SUV on the back passenger door behind my husband. The swerve and the hit to our SUV caused our SUV to roll and land on its top.

We did not sustain any serious injuries but were very disoriented because we were hanging upside down held in by our seat belts. Within seconds, Good Samaritans were pounding on the SUV telling us that the doors were locked, and they were trying to get us out. This helped us to get our bearings, but we were unable to figure out how to unlock the doors. I shouted back to those trying to help that I could not figure out how to unlock the doors. I did unlock my seatbelt and was able to re-situate myself in the SUV. Seconds later, I felt someone start to pull me from the SUV. I have no idea how they were able to do this. I was safely removed from the SUV and my husband was able to crawl out on his own.

The Southern Shores Police, EMT and Fire Department arrived shortly after we were out of the SUV.

I would just like to thank everyone who helped us. I have no idea who these people were (I was very shaken up) but they were so kind. People were with me making sure that I was okay, helping me to stand and bringing me my purse from the SUV. Someone who lived nearby by offered their home for us to go to if needed and brought us a cart to collect our groceries and other items from our SUV.

The men & women of the Police, EMT and Fire Departments were so nice to us. We were asking stupid questions (we were still a little disoriented), I had some bleeding and was helped into the ambulance. Even with precautions for COVID-19 in place, I was treated so kindly as they helped me put on a mask. They helped my husband gather up what they could of our groceries (they found two unbroken eggs, amazing!) and continued to make sure we were okay while they directed car and pedestrian traffic, cleaned up all the glass and SUV parts and filled out required reports. I think it was the Fire Chief who gave us a ride back to our home in Duck with our salvaged groceries and items from our SUV.


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  • Mark A

    Thank you for sharing your story, Ms. Fleisher. We’re glad you and your husband are doing okay. We’ve owned a home in Southern Shores for nearly 30 years and have always found everyone in our town to be this way. Its a great town, with great people!!!!

    Thursday, Jun 25 @ 11:55 am
  • Local in KH

    So glad you and your husband are okay. It looks pretty bad. Thanks for sharing.

    Thursday, Jun 25 @ 9:49 pm
  • Disgruntled

    Tough way to get a reminder that this country is full of good people. Not easy to remember sometimes, especially watching current events’

    Friday, Jun 26 @ 5:45 am
  • Mike P

    Good Samaritans rock!!!
    Kindness is a wonderful thing!!!
    Mrs Fleisher also showed great kindness in giving thanks without saying anything negative about the person who wrecked her.
    Sweet lady. Thanks for sharing


    Friday, Jun 26 @ 9:23 am
  • Obxkdh

    So refreshing to hear of a positive outcome to what could have been a tragic situation. Thanks for posting your story. Glad everyone is ok.
    Honestly, if I can say it outright, I truly believe that this pandemic has made people more patient, kind, and understanding. It may not be the way we wanted to get to this point, but I for one am truly grateful that we are all put on the same game level as the next, and humanity and kindness should always prevail.

    Sunday, Jun 28 @ 12:58 pm