Seal arrested on misdemeanor sexual battery charges

By on June 26, 2020

(Kitty Hawk Police)

Michael Keith Seal, of Kill Devil Hills, has been arrested and charged in connection with three separate incidents of misdemeanor sexual battery. These charges stem from a continuing investigation by the Kitty Hawk Police Department, Duck Police Department and DA’s Office into Seal’s massage therapy services.

Seal was arrested back in May and charged with sexual battery and second-degree sex offense. At the time of this post Seal was being held in the Dare County Detention Center under a $15,000 secured bond.


  • Mae

    That’s just gross, innocent until proven guilty I guess. Wasn’t he just arrested for more of the same not to long ago.

    Sunday, Jun 28 @ 9:24 pm
  • Yes

    Yes Mae, he was, and these are new charges from additional people. One of the first charges was actually a felony. I hope that anyone who may have been affected by this man will reach out for whatever kind of support they might need as this investigation continues. Sexual assault is far more common than we like to think, and nobody should have to go through it alone.

    Monday, Jun 29 @ 5:48 pm