Hyde County reports 2 new cases of COVID-19

By on June 28, 2020

(Hyde County Health Dept.

The Hyde County Health Department reported 2 more laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19 on June 28, bringing the total number of cases reported to date to 11. Though the county has been very fortunate to have only had one hospitalization and no deaths to date, people should remain vigilant in prevention of spread and control measures. 

Businesses should practice proper protocols for keeping their staff and patrons safe, the general public, when out and about, should practice the 3 Ws – wear a mask, wait 6 feet, and wash your hands. Individuals who are noted as contacts to positive cases should adhere to the quarantine directives provided by the Health Department to prevent spread. 

“Covid-19 is with us to stay. The best thing we can do as a society, is put aside our political views and be neighborly to one another by doing our share to protect one another. It may save a life, or keep someone from hospitalization,” states Health Director Luana Gibbs. For updated information of total cases, active cases, recoveries, etc. follow us on Facebook where an update is posted daily at 3:00 p.m.

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