Meet Ten Spot, the roaming peacock

By on June 28, 2020

Ten spot. (Bells and Whistles At the Flower Field flower shop)

Whether or not you’ve seen him in your neighborhood, Ten Spot the peacock has become something of a social media phenomenon in these parts, with photos showing him wandering around Kitty Hawk.

Ten Spot’s owner is Dorothy Heath Morris of the Bells and Whistles At the Flower Field flower shop. The Voice reached out to Dorothy to get some biographical info about this multi-colored member of the pheasant family. She sent us the email below.

For those wondering, Dorothy says the average lifespan of a peacock is 18 years and “they love to eat bugs from the garden.”

“We purchased our 8-acre farm on Kitty Hawk Rd. 7 years ago. We quickly began acquiring a menagerie of animals for farm life, including horses, pigs, chickens, ducks, rabbits and peacocks. The peacocks came from my friends who lived down the road and raised homing pigeons, chickens, goats…I believe I traded Jeanne flower arrangements for two peacocks.

They were babies when we got them and there was no way to tell if they were males or females. They were very curious and inquisitive the first year. They began to develop into the nice-looking bird they are today. Ten Spot had a brother named Freckles. Freckles now resides in Charlottesville VA on a farm in the mountains.

This time of year, [Ten Spot] roams looking for love…We used to have guinea hens and he would tirelessly chase them about…Unfortunately, fox or coyotes have had their way with our flock on a couple of occasions and all guinea are gone. While Ten Spot lets us know when guests arrive on the farm, he also lets us know when there may be a predator. He and our amazing great Pyrenees (Pearl and Oyster) make an ironclad team on manning the security of the property.

He roosts in various trees around the farm.  And we feed him daily with the chickens. He does a great job of maintaining a balance in the garden with all the pests.”

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  • hightider

    Bless Ten Spot’s little peacock heart! Great to read something in the Voice besides the arguments over masks and the virus. Ten Spot is a beautiful bird and I hope a sweet pea hen comes to visit and gives him a little loving.

    Sunday, Jun 28 @ 5:47 pm