March for Justice on Ocracoke 

By on June 29, 2020

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(Photos courtesy of Casey Robertson)

This gallery of photographs taken by Casey Robertson, captures the June 28 March for Justice held on Ocracoke Island. Marchers assembled at the north end of the Village and ended with a gathering at the Community Square. The peaceful march, for which organizers had obtained a permit from the Hyde County Manager’s office, attracted about 120 participants, according to an organizer. As is clear from the photos, face coverings were in wide use during the event.


  • Lou Briccant

    Who knew Ocracoke had such a large population of young, white kids so guilty of their skin.

    Monday, Jun 29 @ 5:26 pm
  • Ryan

    Outstanding! The George Soros BLM funded(factual look it up) woke has reached the island to protest about something people with any sense already know, to spread the illusion of division, perpetuated by the media. Maybe report on the 100,000 + people that enjoyed the beach today with no mask or social distancing. But that doesnt fit the narrative I suppose. Maybe we will hear about the 2 potential covid scares instead. Unbelievable the lack of journalistic integrity. How about protesting the senseless shutdown of these small businesses which is, oh I dunno…. 99% of the buisness on the island. So that maybe in 2 years there actually is an island. SMH.

    Monday, Jun 29 @ 6:22 pm
  • Nap Lajoie

    Lou Briccant is spot on. So sweet that the lemmings are led so easily. I, too, noticed the supreme diversity in that line of paraders. I think that the issue, Lou, is not so much guilt of their being; rather, it is an elitist view that their ideology is the nuanced, evolved and educated ideology. This is born from education (or miseducation?). I have stayed in Ocracoke for week-long holidays, but I am not sure of the political inclinations of its citizenry. It is, however, comical that a bunch of people on an island reachable by boat only where there may very well be few people of color inhabiting…are choosing to vent the manifestations of their indoctrination.

    Tuesday, Jun 30 @ 10:53 am
  • surf123

    Lots of people trying to justify their existence through the exercise of protesting themselves. I am certain they now feel good about themselves and can go back to lives.

    Tuesday, Jun 30 @ 12:48 pm
  • hightider

    Couldn’t these self-flagellators have found at least one person of color – any color except white, that is – to join them? Who ever dreamed there was so much injustice on Ocracoke?

    Tuesday, Jun 30 @ 1:15 pm
  • Obxboxer

    I’m so glad to see the younger generation practicing their freedoms in a smart safe way. Out with the angry old boomers, bring on positive change!!!! It is nice to read something not about covid once and awhile 🙂

    Tuesday, Jun 30 @ 3:43 pm
  • Manteo

    These angry old boomers are the only thing keeping this country together.

    Wednesday, Jul 1 @ 9:25 am
  • Tom

    I’d wear a mask too if I participated in such idiocy.
    All that virtue signalling.

    Wednesday, Jul 1 @ 4:50 pm
  • WWJD

    I guess some of you folks have a problem with anyone in the world that don’t have your mind set.Oh yes! Kinda like the officer who wouldn’t take his knee off of that guys neck in Minneapolis. Bless your hearts ♥️

    Wednesday, Jul 1 @ 7:39 pm
  • Bree

    Racism isn’t a black problem, it’s a white problem. Glad to see these white kids exercising their freedoms. Only a racist would say they need a token black person to do this. Now if only NC would ban the confederate (traitor) flag. Hate seeing that loser flag during my vacation. Saw one business eventually take theirs down — replaced with a Blue Lives Matter flags…which tells you all you need to know about that “movement.”

    Thursday, Jul 2 @ 3:21 pm
  • Melanie Turner

    It is truly an honor to see such an uproar occur on behalf of this protest.

    As one of the several individuals who tasked themselves with the organization and production of Ocracoke Island’s protest, otherwise comprised of local residents, I can ensure you that our silent march (in honor of our allyship and recognition of our White privilege) had extensive guidance by, and partnership with Black leaders stationed throughout the entirety in North Carolina.

    While we were silent in our cries and pleas for Black lives to matter, you all have said all that needs to be said about the overwhelmingly racist population proving to be an infestation on Ocracoke Island, and beyond. And for that, we might finally have something to thank you ignorant, White people for.

    Saturday, Jul 4 @ 2:35 am
  • Dethrol

    @ Melanie
    You really need to get out more often. Racism is a two way street that is neither hidden behind every tree nor embedded in every symbol of this great country. If you have benefited from some form of privilege because of your race, then YOU are free to do something meaningful and tangible about it, if you are so inclined. Personally, I’ve earned everything I have in life, not by oppressing others but by hard work. I am the person I am, in part, because I’ve served my fellow citizens and this country, raised my family, and lived my life without constant reflection on skin color. Like the overwhelming majority of Americans, I try my best to do right by others. Your characterization of the local population and “White people” is racist on its face, unfair, and totally without context.

    Saturday, Jul 4 @ 11:18 am