Greenville man dies in waters off Kitty Hawk

By on July 3, 2020

(Kitty Hawk Police Department)

At approximately 3:15 am on July 3, the Kitty Hawk Police Department responded to the 5300 Block of North Virginia Dare Trail for a possible drowning. Upon arrival, officers discovered that Zacheus D. Dominetae, 26, of Greenville, NC, had entered the ocean with a friend to swim. While in the ocean, they became caught in a rip current and pulled out to sea. The friend lost sight of Mr. Dominetae and was able to return to shore and call for emergency assistance.

After an extensive search of the area by rescue personnel, his body was discovered several hours after the incident in the area where he was last seen. We ask that you keep his family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.





  • The Captain

    It’s very sad when someone drowns, no matter what the circumstances. However I can’t help thinking how this tragedy could have been avoided. Just think 3:15 AM, who would ever take a swim at that time? My mind is spinning.

    Friday, Jul 3 @ 2:56 pm
  • Joseph

    He was my nephew & i wondering why take a swim @ thst time of morning

    Sunday, Jul 5 @ 3:15 pm
  • Ottoman

    So sorry Joseph, I believe it is youth experiencing all that is out there. I did dangerous things in search of the experience or the adrenaline. Personally, smoking, drinking, driving fast and yes “night swimming at the beach “ we’re all things I needed to “try” to see what it felt like. Only reason I can write this to you is because of the grace of God.

    Monday, Jul 6 @ 1:01 am