Board of Elections prepares for voting in a pandemic

By on July 4, 2020

(Dare County Board of Elections)

The Dare County Board of Elections is focused on making voting during Covid-19 as safe and efficient as possible for both voters and poll workers.

Voters will see marks on the floor at 6-foot intervals to help them gauge proper social distancing.  Masks will be available upon entry into the poll or voters can wear their own. Sanitizer will be available both entering and leaving the poll. Per federal law, voters who refuse to wear masks can’t be denied their vote—but surely, out of respect for their neighbors, all voters will don masks for the good of all.

Poll workers can feel assured that every precaution is being taken to keep them healthy:
  • protective plexiglass barriers
  • mandatory face masks, gloves, face shields, hand sanitizers
  • six-foot spacing between poll workers
  • counter surfaces sanitized after every voter

Scheduling for Early Voting and Election day will begin shortly so those interested in applying for these paid positions are encouraged to do so by going online to the Dare County Board of Elections or picking up an application at the office.

After size assessments were made of all polls in Dare County, the Board of Elections voted to change certain voting site locations so that health and safety goals can be met.  Once approved by the State Board, these plans will be finalized and announced.







  • hightider

    “But surely out of respect for their neighbors (wear a mask to vote)” – that would be a first. Now that the issues of tourists vs residents and mask vs no mask have become politicized, vote out the clowns who waffled on closures and enforcements and eradicate the local politicians who have a monetary dog in the fight. If you elect someone whose income and agenda depends solely on tourism, expect more mismanagement and obsfucation. Dare County needs to protect the people who have devoted their lives to living here full time and everyone else is secondary. If you are a NRPO, either become a fulltime resident or learn to be grateful that you have the resources to maintain two homes, only one of which is primary. If that is an unsatisfactory arrangement, there are plenty of realtors who will be glad to list your home. No sympathy for NRPO’s who cry foul because they cannot afford to keep their second residence unless they rent it out. That simply means they can’t afford it to begin with.

    Saturday, Jul 4 @ 2:30 pm
  • Tom

    At least there will be no mail in ballot fraud like what is happening in California.
    Another thing. If there are any remarks about masks needing to be worn while in the voting area, I will report it as what it is – voter intimidation. 18 U.S. Code § 594. Intimidation of voters

    Sunday, Jul 5 @ 10:16 am
  • Smidgen

    If you can protest and riot in person,then you can vote in person.

    Monday, Jul 6 @ 2:41 pm
  • anotherobxman

    Just what is it that “intimidates” republicans about a mask? Does it scare you? It is just a piece of material covering your mouth and nose. Do shirts and shoes scare you too? Because I’m pretty sure you’ll need to wear shirt and shoes to get into the voting booth. You republicans and libertarians must be some tender little flowers. LOL!

    Tuesday, Jul 7 @ 7:50 am