Dare County reports 7 new COVID-19 cases

By on July 4, 2020

(Dare County)

Dare County has reported 7 new cases of COVID-19 on July 4, bringing the total number of reported cases since the beginning of the outbreak to 133. Four of the individuals are non-residents and 3 are residents. All seven individuals are currently isolating in Dare County.

As has been the case in recent days, young people represent the majority of new cases and 5 of the individuals reported positive today are under 25 years of age. In fact, 50 of the 133 cases to date have involved people between the ages of 18-24, with the next highest number of cases (34) affecting those between 25-49.

In some brighter news, 1 Dare County resident who had been hospitalized with a case of COVID-19 has been released and is now isolating at home.


  • Louise

    Dare county officials, it is imperative that you do something now to protect, serve, and take care of the locals. This is getting out of control and will continue to get worse if you don’t do the right thing and close this beach and go back to phase one. Are you willing to risk your own life for the tax dollars generated by what is going on right now? I am not.

    Saturday, Jul 4 @ 8:00 pm
  • Kit

    Dare County officials:
    Even the Governor of Texas came to realize that we can’t “learn to live with it” and what “we have to lose” is our lives. For the love of humanity and our OBX neighbors, do something. Nothing is worth endangering us through your negligence and failure to carry out your duty to the people who elected you.

    Sunday, Jul 5 @ 10:58 am
  • Freenusa

    Louise, Please take several deep breaths and realize Dare County has recorded 1 covid death, I believe a lady in her 90s. As of July 1st, there were 48 active cases in Dare County. That is no reason to shut us down again and go back to stage 1. 133 total recorded cases since mid-March. 50 cases are people 25 years old and younger. The high majority, which were passed by contact through family members and friends. Covid is here to stay, just as other common viruses, such as the common cold, different flus and pneumonia. Take the precautions that you feel are necessary for you to stay safe, Louise. Personally, I do not need Dare County or North Carolina to keep me safe from Covid 19.

    Sunday, Jul 5 @ 11:29 am
  • Lou Briccant

    Louise, do you read anything? Seems based on many recent reports “locals” are more of the issue than tourists… what say you about the big party with all the youngsters in Hatteras that caused the big spike recently? Quit making tourists out to be the problem.

    Sunday, Jul 5 @ 2:19 pm
  • Frank

    One appreciates your fear but before decisions are made we must look at the numbers. Since June 10 we have seen an increase in positive cases of 34,812 and a comparable increase in hospitalizations of 137. This equates to .004 increase in hospitalizations on a state wide level. To put it another way we have had a 91% increase in positive cases and a 16% increase in hospitalizations. In regard to Dare County we have had an increase of 530% in positive cases and 0% increase in deaths and 0% increase in hospitalizations. It is not just about taxation but peoples livelihoods and local business solvency. It is also about the numbers!

    Sunday, Jul 5 @ 2:21 pm
  • David

    Absolutely not! This is a free country!
    Pandemic or not, if you do not want to live your life or leave your house, that is your right… wear a mask, social distance and wash your hands. Let the scientists do there thing!!! Humans need fresh air ,sunshine!!! Go for a swim in the ocean

    Sunday, Jul 5 @ 3:28 pm