13 new COVID-19 cases in Dare County

By on July 11, 2020

(Dare Count Department of Health and Human Services)

Dare County reported 13 new cases of COVID-19 on July 11, marking that 38 new cases in the past three days and 194 since the beginning of the outbreak. Eight of these individuals are under the age of 25, and 10 of them are Dare County residents.

All the residents are isolating at home and all three non-residents have been transferred to their home county for isolation.

One of the 113 cases recorded in Dare County to date, there was one fatality, 50 cases are categorized as active and 62 are listed as recovered or asymptomatically cleared. Of the 81 cases involving non-residents, 44 are listed as asymptomatically cleared or recovered, 21 have been transferred to their home counties for isolation and 16 are isolating in Dare County.






  • G Larry

    60+ new cases in one week. Is everybody happy about this?

    Sunday, Jul 12 @ 8:59 am
  • Johnny

    Pretty soon the whole state will have no choice but to go back to stay at home orders.
    People just won’t take the precautions….
    And le does nothing about it

    Sunday, Jul 12 @ 10:15 am
  • Lou Briccant

    G Larry, get over it… 1 fatality so far, 90+ years old with outlying conditions… very limited hospitalizations. Quit trying to bankrupt the country over something that will continue to make the rounds regardless.

    Sunday, Jul 12 @ 10:30 am
  • Cheryl Fries

    60 in a week where I an from we have 200 a day. So 60 in a week is great

    Sunday, Jul 12 @ 3:33 pm
  • GE

    Shows you masks have done nothing to help the situation. More Government lies.

    Sunday, Jul 12 @ 6:31 pm
  • Jen Lee

    It all comes down to personal responsibility. What good does it to to have executive orders and no consequences to people that don’t follow them. It’s the way life seems to work. People that do what they are supposed to be doing are usually just paying the consequences for the ones that don’t. Too many people seem to think they are “the exception to the rule”.

    Sunday, Jul 12 @ 7:38 pm
  • Lory

    Why would anyone be happy about this? One can only hope that any “visitors ” are being responsible and not coming to the OBX if theres any question of having this, or at the very least, self quarantining and not going out in the public if once here, they show symptoms. You cant just stop life, and stop life activities, which on this sandbar includes tourism. You just have to hope people are being responsible and considerate of others and that includes locals, too.

    Sunday, Jul 12 @ 9:00 pm
  • hightider

    Wow. I know the money grubbers will be thrilled to have the woman who thinks “60 a week is great because she comes from a place with 200 cases a day.” She is a great example of why locals are at risk unless they self-isolate until the human petri dishes have left.

    Monday, Jul 13 @ 6:42 pm
  • Stan Clough

    First Wednesday in November all our problems will be something we are dealing with, not something that has overcome us

    Tuesday, Jul 14 @ 10:22 am