A new NC daily high: 2,462 COVID-19 cases

By on July 11, 2020

(NC Department of Health and Human Services)

On the cusp of expected announcements by Governor Roy Cooper on how to re-open schools and whether to move the state into a new phase of re-opening, North Carolina reported its single highest daily total of new COVID-19 cases — 2,462.

Another ominous sign in the July 9 report is the growing number of hospitalizations, currently also at a record high of 1,093.

In their recent public briefings, Cooper and North Carolina Health and Human Services Director Mandy Cohen have engaged in a balancing act, repeatedly expressing concerns about the spread of the of virus in North Carolina while differentiating the state from those such as Florida, Texas, Arizona and California where COVID-19 has exploded.

On the matter of how he wants to re-open public schools in August, Cooper appeared to tip his hand at a July 9 briefing when he said that a safe return to education would include “some in-person, but also some remote learning.”

With the current Phase II Safer-at-Home order set to expire on July 17, the governor is also expected to announce next week whether the state will move to another phase of lifting restrictions. Today’s numbers wouldn’t seem to make that a likelier prospect.


Today’s NC coronavirus numbers – July 11

(For interactive Dashboard see most recent NC coronavirus numbers)

What’s new today: Single highest daily total of new cases as hospitalizations continue to rise.

  • Reported NC cases – 83,793 (up 2,462 from yesterday)
  • Reported NC deaths – 1,499
  • Currently hospitalized – 1,093
  • Patients presumed to be recovered – 55,318
  • NC county with most cases– Mecklenburg (14,607)
  • Reported cases in Dare, Currituck and Hyde Counties – 241 (Dare 181, Currituck 26, Hyde 34)
  • Completed tests – 1,176,058
  • % of cases by age group – 0-17 (11%), 18-24 (13%), 25-49 (45%), 50-64 (19%), 65+ (12%)
  • % of cases by gender – female (51%), male (49%)
  • Number of cases in NC congregate living facilities (nursing homes, residential care facilities, jails) – 8,547
  • Number of empty hospital beds out of all licensed hospital beds in NC – (4,028 out of 21,222)
  • Number of empty ICU hospital beds out of all licensed ICU beds in NC – (510 out of 3,223)
  • Number or ventilators currently in use out of all available ventilators at NC hospitals – (868 out of 3,333 total)

Note: Every morning, the NC Department of Health and Human Services posts updates o number of reported cases of coronavirus. That number reflects positive results from all tests, including the NC State Laboratory of Public Health and all hospital and commercial labs. There may be other reports, from the media and elsewhere, that will include different numbers during a given day, but this is an effective way of tracking numbers from the same source on a day-to-day basis.


Link to COVID-19 North Carolina Dashboard





  • KDH back seat reviewer

    So, explain to me how this works. The economy is shut down to control the covid-19. The economy is reopened and the number of covid-19 cases increases. The economy is not shut down again to control the covid-19. Then the genocidal governor wants to go to another reopening phase, which include schools.

    What I am I missing, other than the obvious, that covid-19 only kills other people, not you, and you, and you, and you………………

    Just hope you don’t get it. Mask up, stay 6ft apart and pray to whomever you need to.

    Saturday, Jul 11 @ 4:15 pm
  • GE

    This is proof positive you T-shirt, scarf or masks doesn’t help.

    Saturday, Jul 11 @ 6:14 pm
  • hightider

    The masks do help – but only if everyone wears them. Read the New York Times article on Corpus Christi TX. They had zero covid until they re-opened to tourists and now they are one of the most infected areas in TX. The mayor is quoted that he never thought he would want to tell tourists to go home, but please go home. As for the people who complained when the OBX was shut down that essential workers were bringing in the virus – look at Currituck’s numbers – very low at 26. Hyde had virtually no cases until Ocracoke opened up. A young man died of covid last week a few days after attending a covid party in TX. Before he died, he expressed remorse for his stupidity, admitting he thought the virus was a hoax.

    Sunday, Jul 12 @ 12:06 pm
  • anotherobxman

    Overheard as the Titanic began to sink:

    “I have a constitutional right to NOT wear a life jacket. Besides, they don’t work anyway.”

    Sunday, Jul 12 @ 4:53 pm
  • Stubby

    GE – No, it’s not proof-positive. Might actually prove the opposite. Were all the infected people wearing masks? Were their contacts? Unknown. Much more data required to establish correlations.

    I despise wearing these masks. Miserable, hot and anti-social at a minimum. But I’ll wear them when transacting business in public places. And with unknown folks. I much prefer social distancing and being outdoors.

    This Covid pathogen sucks. So does excessive hype. Hard to figure out, but I’m playing the Mask Game until we learn more. No fear. Not scared. Not happy with the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus, Covid-19 flu and the hysteria.

    We were all lucky that H1N1 was a lesser virus. Over 60 million in the USA were infected with that one.

    Surfing, fishing, swimming and boating are cures.

    Sunday, Jul 12 @ 5:40 pm