12 new COVID-19 cases in Dare County

By on July 12, 2020

Overall total now exceeds 200 infections

(Dare County Department of Health and Human Services)

Dare County reported 12 new COVID-19 cases on July 12, pushing the total number of cases reported here past the 200 mark — to 206 — since the pandemic began. Today’s total also makes for the 50th case reported in last four days.

One notable aspect of these new cases is that four of them involve people who are 65 or older, which is the Dare County age group that has experienced the fewest infections to date — 18. An additional four new cases involve people under 25, an age grouping that has accounted for 96 infections to date.

Seven of the new cases involve non-residents of Dare County while five affect residents. All of the 12 individuals are reported to be isolating, with three of the non-residents transferred to their home counties.


  • Where is our leadership?

    I really don’t get it.
    We were under Stay at Home orders, with nothing near these numbers. We heard the Outer Banks would open up sometime in June, then without warning-or any vote or input-suddenly the Outer Banks is opening it’s doors Just in time for Memorial to have a grand welcoming of Covid-without any restrictions or regulations. No quarantine even though all the northern state’s were “hot” spots. The prior week having blasted our phones with state of emergency alerts when NRPO’s were allowed back in but nothing for reopening to everyone and anyone. Purely a $$$ based decision, nothing to do with health or safety. What happened to summer of “g”love? Where is that? How is it that we allowed everyone from “hot” spots to come here without quarantine? Without even caring? Where is the enforcement and following up to make sure businesses here are actually following the mandates? I know of a number of local restaurants that are not operating at 50% capacity- they are well over their numbers from last year-serving over 600+ people a night. The whole point of 50% capacity is to be able to sanitize properly and have social distancing! Why is there no one enforcing this?! Why are businesses left on their own to tell folks visiting they have to wear a mask and have them be rude & ugly to them? How to we go from stay at home, to an insane upward trend in cases- and Lowe’s doesn’t even sanitize your cart anymore? Front Porch coffee starts self serve Coffee pumps again? Restaurants are serving 600+? What the hell is going on! The Outer Banks see’s 1 million visitors in the first 3 weeks of reopening, so we go from stay at home to literally allowing millions of people to come to a relatively small chain of islands without requiring any type of quarantine- yet all the surrounding states are still on stay at home orders?! So we have millions of visitors coming to live out a fantasy here where Covid doesn’t exist and they don’t have to wear masks (bc no one is enforcing), don’t have to quarantine or social distance, hell they don’t even have to be tested for Covid, Some are actually coming here knowing they have Covid! This is insane! North Carolina is now ranked as the 25th in the worst outbreaks of Covid -25th WORLDWIDE- right below South Africa, WTF. And we are still seating 600+ people, not requiring anyone who comes here to quarantine, not enforcing State mandates and pushing to move into a next phase of reopening??!! We were shut down to avoid this. Why they hell are we still open? And who the hell decided to push to open for Memorial Day bc they own a piece of the monopoly here on the obx and only care about their greed? Testing should be free- and unlimited, people should be paid a fair wage to stay at home (pretty sure we can stop making weapons for dirty wars for a few minutes to take care of our citizens who bleed taxes), And all essentials can be home delivered contactless. And then guess what? We wouldn’t be in a pandemic from hell.

    Sunday, Jul 12 @ 9:34 pm
  • Don't get it

    Will people start taking it seriously now? Ive heard its an election hoax, people aren’t dying to pull of some elaborate hoax, take off the tinfoil hat. Ive heard its not as bad as the flu. The flu doesn’t leave lasting damage to your organs so it is indeed worse.
    Its not that bad let the kids go back to school. Will it be that bad when one of your loved ones end up in the icu on a vent or dead from this?

    People refusing to wear masks or stay home unless needed are showing their true colors, selfish. You are the reason the numbers are going up, you and the selfish people who put money over life and opened our county way up.

    Monday, Jul 13 @ 1:13 am
  • hightider

    You can thank the spineless politicians and power brokers who run Dare. Raise the property taxes for NRPO’s and rates for tourists to offset the damage for infecting the area. Anyone involved in tourism and rentals rolled the dice in order to make money. Note that Currituck has one of the lowest rates of infection, so quit blaming workers who commute from there – it’s the tourists. And their home states of NY and NJ don’t want them back from NC without a 2 week quarantine – good luck on that.

    Monday, Jul 13 @ 2:54 am
  • Jeff Walker

    At the current rate the number of positive cases is doubling around every 10-12 days, compared to every 28 days statewide. We’re looking at least another couple months of rapid increase in infections locally. This was completely avoidable.

    Monday, Jul 13 @ 7:40 am
  • anotherobxman

    The virus moves when people move and the more movement the greater the spread, as opening up has quickly proved. Time for another shutdown before North Carolina becomes like Florida, Arizona and Texas. Grow a pair and do what needs to be done Mr. Roy Cooper.

    Monday, Jul 13 @ 9:40 am
  • YiLi

    Any stats how many nonresidents are actually vacationing in Corolla and 4WD but only have access to medical facilities in Dare?

    Monday, Jul 13 @ 2:38 pm
  • Lee

    hightider you hit the nail on the head, power brokers, just like changing the name of the redskins the big money makes the things roll any way they want.

    Monday, Jul 13 @ 4:58 pm
  • Big Frank

    Well the swimming accidents and fatalities this summer exceed the covid death’s by 700%. Is it time for the dare county control group to close the beaches and require swimming tests at all the bridges? This situation is Gov’t bureaucracy at it’s best. Elections matter and unfortunately citizens get the government they deserve.

    Tuesday, Jul 14 @ 8:50 am
  • AJ

    The drastic rise in COVID cases is directly related to tourists and vacationers streaming to the Banks en masse. What were these people most likely doing before coming here to vacation? More than likely they were probably facing various versions of Stay At Home orders in their home states. These same vacationers were hopefully practicing some sort of quarantine to keep themselves and their families safe. Since the Outer Banks and our residents deserve the same respect people would (hopefully & naturally) give to people in their home towns, it seems they never got the memo to continue practicing those same behaviors here while on vacation. My suggestion is to go ahead, let vacationers come in droves, pack the island with tourists weekly over and over again, “Yay, they’re back!” The only requirement needed since few seem to be practicing proper social distancing and mask wearing for protecting others, let them rent vacation homes, condos, etc. The more the merrier! Just let them know that when they come to the Island to check in and start their amazing vacations, they have to quarantine themselves for the week or 2 that they are here and they need to bring all their grocers with them from home since they won’t been allowed out of their Dream Vacation Rental. What a great time will be had by all!

    Tuesday, Jul 14 @ 2:05 pm