KDH crash sends man to hospital with serious injuries

By on July 24, 2020

(Kill Devil Hills Police Department)

(Kill Devil Hills Police) 

On Friday, July 24, 2020 at approximately 2:24 p.m., a collision between a Honda motorcycle and Toyota pickup truck resulted in serious injuries and the closing of all lanes of US 158 for approximately 35 minutes. The collision occurred on US 158 just south of 1st Street near Publix.

The investigation into the cause of the wreck determined that the motorcycle rider, Nathan Jones, 31, of Holtwood, PA, was driving unlawfully and at a high rate of speed between the two lanes of southbound traffic on US 158. The rider was unable to see or did not stop in time to avoid a rear end collision with the Toyota pickup truck. The motorcycle rider was ejected from the bike and suffered serious injuries. The rider is being treated at Outer Banks Hospital. The Toyota driver was shaken but did not report any injury at the scene.

Further details about this incident will be released as requested.



  • Bud

    It’s tourist season, death and destruction is the norm. tourism bureau is intent on degrading our community with the hoards.

    Friday, Jul 24 @ 5:27 pm
  • tim

    I see a lot of those fast foreign motorcycles on the bypass winding up their engines and running crazy speeds down the bypass all the time. Where are the police?

    Saturday, Jul 25 @ 8:39 am
  • hightider

    A motorcyclist driving at an unlawfully high rate of speed and doesn’t notice a truck in front of him? Darwinism at work, no sympathy except for the poor truck driver and all the residents having to wait in the heat. The tourists can be delayed since they are usually the reason for the traffic jams.

    Saturday, Jul 25 @ 2:27 pm
  • Thomas Holian

    I was at the 1ST. traffic light, in the right lane, facing east. A light blue pickup was passing south on the bypass when traffic behind the pickup began to stop. A motorcycle curved a sweeping S from the fast lane into the slow lane behind the pickup. It appeared to be moving above 70MPH. The motorcycle stuck the left rear of the pickup like a military RPG, an explosion of motorcycle parts appeared and a body was visibly airborne high about the pickup. The rider flew diagonally into the northbound slow lane. Since the traffic light was red, the road was empty and surreal. I turned left and blocked the northbound traffic. The motorcycle landed near the rider and was leaking fluid in the direction of the body. Two young men stopped the fluid from reaching the body. One began talking to the downed rider, a nurse ran over from Lowe’s parking and a woman identified herself as an EMT, as she jumped in to help. The young man in the street lost his flip-flops, only in shorts and a Tee, he was badly skinned everywhere. Yet he was moving, thank you to everyone who helped out. Thom

    Sunday, Jul 26 @ 11:47 am
  • WindyBill

    HIGHTIDER I’ve been riding for 5o+ years. You are on the mark.

    Wednesday, Jul 29 @ 11:17 am
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