Kitty Hawk Police counsel public patience in probe of woman’s death

By on July 27, 2020

(Kitty Hawk Police)

In the wake of the death of a woman who was the victim of an assault last week, the Kitty Hawk Police Department has issued this July 27 statement counseling patience in light of rumors and questions that have circulated in the community.

“We are aware through social media posts that there are many in the community that are very interested in the investigation into Leeann Fletcher Hartleben’s death. It would be inappropriate and counterproductive for us to provide a finding based solely on social media posts or media reports that may or may not be supported by the evidence gathered in this ongoing investigation.

We are working closely with the District Attorney’s Office to carefully and thoroughly examine all of the evidence submitted before making any final determination. At this time, we would respectfully ask that all who are concerned please be patient and allow us to conduct this investigation in an objective and thorough manner. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Leeann’s family.”


  • Stubby

    OBV – Please keep Readers updated. Such a sad event. Hurts hearts.

    There was a man’s face and name identified as a Person of Interest. It was on another island news website. They have no updates, no discussions. Irresponsible.

    Everyone deserves updates, especially victim’s kin. Thanks OBV.

    Monday, Jul 27 @ 10:53 pm
  • Samantha K Hart

    Y’all dropped the ball big time don’t try to shift that responsibly away from the police department that released a suspect

    Tuesday, Jul 28 @ 1:24 pm
  • Scott

    It is amazing how quiet it got About this all of a sudden. At least the OBV calls it what it is: an assault. Not “possible assault” as another news agency has called it. It is time to start pressing for answers.

    Tuesday, Jul 28 @ 9:01 pm
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