Dare averaging about 8 new COVID-cases a day

By on July 28, 2020


(Dare County Department of Health and Human Services)

Update: Dare County reported four new cases of COVID-19 on July 28, bringing the total number of cases reported since the outset of the pandemic to 335. The newest infections involve three residents and one non-resident. One of the individuals is under 25 years of age, two are 25-49 and one is 50-64. The non-resident has been transferred to his home county for isolation while the three residents are isolating in Dare County.

With the total number of COVID-19 cases reported by Dare County currently at 331 (there has been no update yet on July 28), Dare County Health and Human Services Director Sheila Davies provides more detail about the most recent cases in this video released on July 28.

One statistic of note is that in the past two weeks, there have been 55 and 54 cases reported, respectively, meaning the county is seeing about eight new cases a day. About half of those individuals got the virus from direct contact with infected individuals while half did not know how they acquired the virus — suggesting community spread.

The county also reported on July 28 that there were 836 COVID-19 diagnostic tests performed in Dare County by local healthcare providers. This brings the total number of tests performed since early March to 6,509. Last week, the percentage of positive tests to overall tests administered was 6.6%. That raises the percentage of positive tests to overall tests in Dare County since testing began to 4.84%. Even though that county number has been rising, it is still considerably below the overall North Carolina level, which has seen the percentage of positive tests in the past week hover between 7 and 8 percent.


  • Bud

    The sooner our visitors are made to leave the sooner we can be happy again.

    Tuesday, Jul 28 @ 7:02 pm
  • Dethrol

    Zero fatalities since the bridges were opened and the Commissioners tucked their $16,000, taxpayer-funded tails between their legs. The recovery rate is quickly catching the positive rate. In the very near future, these will be virtually identical. No reason whatsoever to believe the current mortality rate in the thousandths of one percent will change as this occurs. November is coming. Every single incumbent in Dare County, from dog catcher to mayor needs to be voted out. Forget party affiliation, all of these losers need to go.

    Wednesday, Jul 29 @ 11:01 am
  • Sean Mulligan

    The sooner the visitors leave the sooner the money runs out for the hard working Dare citizens.I guess some of the retirees will be happy because they have theirs.

    Wednesday, Jul 29 @ 7:09 pm
  • voidless1

    Friggen Genius,
    Should block the bridges every year……Record Rentals, Record Real estate closures. Carpetbaggers and desperate vacationers are falling over themselves to escape home turf to find their way here (Cha Ching)

    Thursday, Jul 30 @ 5:53 pm
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