Currituck County monitoring Isaias

By on July 31, 2020

Evacuation decision may be made Sunday

(Currituck County)

Currituck County is monitoring Hurricane Isaias and making operational plans to prepare for possible impacts from the storm. Though Isaias is currently a Category 1 hurricane, county staff will be prepared in case the storm grows in intensity and directly approaches Currituck.

The County Manager and Emergency Management are maintaining consistent communication with the National Weather Service and the NC Department of Emergency Management. Currituck Fire-EMS and the Currituck Sheriff’s Office will pre-position assets and staff throughout the county ahead of the storm’s arrival. The Public Works staff is working to secure all county office buildings and facilities. The Engineering Office is preparing to activate post-storm pumping contracts for the service districts on the Outer Banks. The Board of Commissioners is keeping apprised of the situation and will remain so in case a discussion on evacuation is necessary.

Staff involved in the Emergency Operations Center will monitor the storm and communicate virtually on Saturday, Aug. 1. If necessary, the core staff will report to the Emergency Operations Center at the Historic Courthouse over the weekend.

Based on the current forecast, Currituck County will most likely wait until Sunday morning, Aug. 2, before making a decision on any possible evacuation of Zone A-Carova or Zone B-Corolla. This timeframe will allow us to receive more concrete information from the National Hurricane Center and make a more informed decision based upon Isaias’ progress over the next 36 hours. However, an evacuation decision could be made sooner if there is a significant change in the storm’s track or intensity.

All Currituck County residents and property owners are advised to prepare for possible storm impacts and have an emergency safety kit ready. Any citizens or property owners may call Currituck Emergency Management at 252-232-2115 if they have any questions about hurricane preparedness or concerns for evacuation.

The Board of Commissioners work session and regular meeting scheduled for Monday, Aug. 3 has been cancelled due to the storm’s forecast.

Updates will be provided as information becomes available. Citizens should monitor the county website, Facebook page, and Twitter account for updated information. Citizens may also sign up for Currituck  Alert to receive timely updates via their choice of text message, voicemail, or email at


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  • Mike

    I don’t understand why Currituck County officials would wait until Sunday morning to make an evacution announcement. You have thousands of tourist leaving OBX between Saturday and Sunday. Why in the world would you allow thousands of tourist to come right back in and then try to evacuate them. Makes absolutely no sense, only greed.

    Friday, Jul 31 @ 8:18 pm
  • Lee

    They will make the decision Sunday,,, it will be here Monday, the beach will be impassable Sunday . Just follow Dare county’s decision, it beast for the people, considering the poor decisions our commissioners have made in the past. I have lost all faith in our county leaders. I sure don’t want them making decisions that effect my safety as they have done with civid 19. They have proved money drives their decisions.

    Saturday, Aug 1 @ 5:50 am
  • Gary

    I agree with Mike and Lee…This is blasphemous!!!!!!!!!! Why send these turrists to the oBx if we just gon’ turn em round again!!!!! Yee dawgies

    Saturday, Aug 1 @ 2:50 pm