NWS: ‘increasing confidence’ OBX will see Isaias impacts

By on July 31, 2020

National Weather Service
Update: This is the July 31 6 p.m. update from the National Weather Service in Morehead City. It pushes back the timetable a bit. The “timing for likely impacts from Hurricane Isaias has slowed slightly. Impacts as early as Monday morning. Most likely impacts Monday afternoon/evening into Tuesday.”

July 31 at 7:51 a.m.: As Isaias has turned into a hurricane, the National Weather Service in Morehead City says “there is increasing confidence” that our region will see impacts from the storm.

These are some key points from a July 31 update at 6 a.m.

  • Hurricane Isaias has increased in intensity to 80 mph.
  • First impacts from this system will likely be increased swell/rip current risk arriving late today and continuing through early next week.
  • Confidence in track forecast is medium at this time, but confidence is low for both timing and intensity.
  • At this time, the potential for impacts to eastern North Carolina are increasing.
  • Now is the time to check your hurricane plan and supplies. We are entering the most active portion of hurricane season.

This morning’s update indicates that the first impacts on the Outer Banks will be rip currents, which could begin as early as this afternoon and continue through early next week. There is the potential for hurricane level winds starting late Sunday night and lasting through Tuesday morning.
In addition, there is the potential for heavy rain and flash flooding in our region from late Sunday night through Tuesday morning and the possibility of elevated threats from tornadoes from Sunday night through Monday.


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  • Bud

    Time to evacuate! A couple months late is better than not at all.
    Hopefully it happens Saturday so we can have a couple days to enjoy. After the storm is always nice too, we get a week or so before the hoards arrive.
    Lot of work to do to..

    Friday, Jul 31 @ 8:43 am
  • Trashcan Man

    So why haven’t we heard from the “Control Group” re: evacuations and limiting access here in Dare County? Even if this storm turns east, it will be risky on Hatteras Island. Add 10,000 tourists and there will be issues.

    Friday, Jul 31 @ 9:16 am
  • Captain Dave

    Well Bud you make reference to the hoards coming back but let’s remember without the hoards as you call them there would be a lot of locals that would not be in business. And down here on HI without the hoards then locals would be out of jobs, lose their business and there wouldn’t be much to HI…or on the mainland the hoards of people is what keeps all the businesses going because I dont think locals can support all the businesses to keep them going…..it takes locals and the hoards to make it all work.

    Friday, Jul 31 @ 7:56 pm
  • Dethrol

    Really looking forward to an evacuation order also. Not the order so much but can’t wait to see everyone (all us residents too) leave their homes and get off the island…. After all, this will be an order backed by his highness, the good guv. Just like all those virus executive orders…. you know, just wear a damn mask…. Rather, just get off the damn island. Everyone will comply, it’s an order and it’s not really forcing you to do anything for yourself, you’re being forced to do it for others. There’ve been 400 of these crises and more than 900 fatalities, so the threat to human life and public safety more than meets the current threshold for panic.

    Friday, Jul 31 @ 10:17 pm
  • Just a thought 🤔

    Maybe they shouldn’t allow all of the new vacationers to travel below Oregon inlet bridge until the storm has passed?

    Saturday, Aug 1 @ 7:49 am