DA says LeeAnn Fletcher investigation ‘still ongoing’

By on August 10, 2020

(District Attorney Andrew Womble)

LeeAnn Fletcher

The office of Andrew Womble, District Attorney in the 1st Judicial District, released an Aug. 10 statement on the continuing probe into the death late last month of LeeAnn Fletcher, which has spawned a criminal investigation and considerable public speculation. The release appears to have been issued in response to that speculation.

Here is the statement from Womble.

“In light of the recent public scrutiny surrounding the death of Amanda LeeAnn Fletcher in Dare County on July 25, 2020, I have decided to release a statement regarding the continued investigation of this matter.  At this time, our office is awaiting the official autopsy report from the medical examiner’s office in Virginia. No decisions regarding potential criminal charges will be made by the District Attorney’s Office until we receive this report.

As such, the only appropriate statement is that the investigation is still ongoing. Releasing statements regarding ongoing criminal investigations is not in the ordinary course of business by this District Attorney’s Office.  However, in situations where the integrity of law enforcement is called into question, I feel I have no other recourse. As District Attorney, I took an oath to do justice and to relentlessly pursue the truth wherever it may lead, and I will continue to do so in this case and in all future cases.”

This follows a July 27 statement from the Kitty Hawk Police noting that they “are aware through social media posts that there are many in the community that are very interested in the investigation into Leeann Fletcher Hartleben’s death…At this time, we would respectfully ask that all who are concerned please be patient and allow us to conduct this investigation in an objective and thorough manner.”

A GoFundMe campaign called #justiceforleeann” to help raise money for her family has to date brought in close to $7,000.


  • Wahoo

    Three (3) Simple Questions For Authorities and Media

    1. Why is this investigation dependent on an Autopsy?

    2. When was or will this important Autopsy be performed?

    3. When will results be available to the public?

    Answers, please! Now.

    Monday, Aug 10 @ 7:06 pm
  • Due Diligence

    Prosecutors office is afraid of losing a case even when the criminal has confessed to his crime, I cant imagine a case where they actually have to put in work to win it. I’m so sorry this happened to Leann and that the family feels abandoned by the people put in place to protect and serve them.

    Monday, Aug 10 @ 11:14 pm
  • simplyput

    The autopsy will show injuries with in the body that are not observable with out it. The autopsy can confirm the exact cause of death. Autopsies are done when a person dies outside on inside of a medical facility, in which they are being treated for natural causes. Example: you get shot, you are alive and taken to a hospital. You die the next day. Doctors who treated your injury can refuse to sign off on the cause of death due to the nature of the trauma. Did the trauma from the gun shot wound kill them, or did a medical person do something wrong in the process of assisting the wounded? Or were they high on drugs and they died from OD.

    It’s called variables. Autopsies help weed out the variables and give a very clear understanding of exactly what happened to lead to death.

    If the autopsy is going to be done it will depend upon the Chief Medical Examiner to decide if it is necessary given the surroundings of the death. Usually they accept the body and the state pays for those expenses. If it is declined, then the Hospital might decide to do an internal autopsy to see what happened, so they can sign the death certificate. Sometimes the family will request an autopsy and have to pay out of pocket, but that again depends on the cause of death and surroundings. Example, maybe you die and you have a double pay out clause if you die from an accident. Maybe the Dr says it was natural causes and puts that on the death certificate, but you disagree and want the insurance company to pay out double, so your family pays to have an autopsy done. Maybe the results come back as death was due to hemorrhage due to fall from stairs. Cause of death Accident. The doctor who treated you might not have considered that when you fell 2 weeks ago, the resulting injuries leading to your death were from that so he puts death as Natural.

    Autopsy results are rarely available to public. The most you will find is to wait 6-8 months and go to the registrar of deeds office and flip through the books of death certificates until you find hers. A great majority of death certificates that come back from the autopsy are listed as the cause of death “Pending”, because they are waiting on biopsy and toxicology results to come back from labs, and that can take 6 months, some times longer.

    One other thing to consider… She died in Virginia, so if you want to see her death certificate you’ll have to go to the county she died in. Also regarding the autopsy, you’ll never see the full results of that unless you are family that can request it and have specific need of the report.

    Good luck.

    Tuesday, Aug 11 @ 10:16 am
  • Wahoo

    Family and friends will need a full understanding to get closure.

    Find truth and inform her family! Then let us know what the heck happened.


    Tuesday, Aug 11 @ 5:03 pm
  • simplyput

    They will let them know and give them a copy of the report when it’s finalized. But not to anyone else. The death certificate will be amended with the cause of death and some info regarding trauma, but again, that could take a long time.

    Wednesday, Aug 12 @ 10:40 am