Remaining vigilant about your health during COVID-19

By on August 15, 2020

Outer Banks Hospital

While COVID-19 has kept many of us from our typical activities, it has also deterred some people from seeking medical care. Obviously, anything that qualified as an emergency before the pandemic is still an emergency today. If you believe you may need emergency care, don’t hesitate to call 911.

It’s understandable in today’s world that there are questions about seeking medical care. Is the facility open? Is it safe for me to go? Rest assured that The Outer Banks Hospital and Medical Group are open for care and have taken steps to ensure it’s safe to come in for health emergencies, urgencies, annual screenings, labs, X-rays, procedures, and surgeries.

“We want everyone entering any of our healthcare facilities to be assured their health and safety continues to be our top priority,” said Devereux Grindle, Director of Quality. “We’ve aggressively implemented universal screening and universal masking, which means that everyone who enters our facilities must wear a mask – if they don’t have one, we give them one. They are screened for symptoms of COVID-19 and asked to use hand sanitizer. We’ve reconfigured our waiting areas to accommodate physical distancing, and we sanitize chairs, tables, and high-touch areas throughout the day.”

“The Environmental Services (EVS) team is continually evaluating cleaning procedures,” said Zac Shepherd, Director of EVS for the hospital and medical group. “We’ve invested in disposable cleaning tools and new technology like the Solaris UV cleaning machine that utilizes industry-leading UV light to reliably eliminate bacteria and pathogens from hospital surfaces.”

Don’t Put It Off 

Annual screenings like mammograms, and annual physicals are key to maintaining your health.

“We’re concerned that folks who put off their annual appointments and screenings or don’t connect with a provider when something isn’t quite right will end up with a larger health issue down the road,” said Dan Dwyer, MD, Chief of Staff at The Outer Banks Hospital. “We know that finding and treating health issues like hypertension, diabetes, or heart disease early leads to much better outcomes than discovering them at a later stage. Putting off a primary care visit and/or regular screenings just isn’t a good idea.”

Likewise, putting off any cancer screening because of COVID-19 concerns can reduce the chances fora positive outcome.

Doing your part to minimize the spread of COVID-19 by wearing a mask, observing physical distancing, and washing your hands frequently is the right thing to do. So is taking care of your health – and we’re here to help you do that.


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