Dare Sheriff warns of bad bills circulating

By on August 21, 2020

(Dare County Sheriff’s Office)

On Aug. 21 the Dare County Sheriff’s Office posted this notice about counterfeit bills circulating locally.

The Dare County Sheriff’s Office has been informed that over the last few days. three different businesses in the Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head have had counterfeit $50.00 bills taken. These bills look to be on very good quality paper, but they appear to have been washed and all with the same serial number. It appears to be a $1.00 bill that has been turned into a $ 50.00 bill, which if you use the pen on it, will show up as a real bill.

If you suspect you have a counterfeit bill, please contact your town’s law enforcement agency/Sheriff’s Office.



  • tim

    And they say you can’t turn lead into gold. Seems you can.

    Saturday, Aug 22 @ 7:50 am
  • tim

    I just checked 4 I have – all different serial numbers and the security strip in the bill.

    Saturday, Aug 22 @ 8:50 am
  • KHer

    I rarely use 50’s. ATM’s just spit out 20’s and that’s the biggest bills I use.

    Saturday, Aug 22 @ 11:54 am
  • hightider

    See all the interesting arts and crafts hobbies you can devote time to during the pandemic? Seriously, if someone could turn a $1 into the above picture they are pretty skilled.

    Saturday, Aug 22 @ 3:26 pm
  • KHer

    Tim, these days the criminals use singles and “wash” them. So the fake 50 will have a security strip, but it’s not the right one. I know some like to carry 50’s and 100’s. I just use 20’s, I think they’re less likely to be faked. (OBV, will you stop deleting my posts?)

    Sunday, Aug 23 @ 8:36 am