The ‘Roger’ sheds some light (UV) on the subject

By on August 26, 2020

(Jolly Roger)

It began when Carol Ann Angelos’ brother-in-law bought the device for his home. Then, Angelos, owner of the popular Jolly Roger restaurant in Kill Devil Hills, installed it in her own house, observing that the results are “just amazing.”

So, after an investment that Angelos says was “in the thousands,” the Jolly Roger has also installed an air filtration system using ultraviolet (UV) lights to kill mold, bacteria, viruses, including, most notably, COVID-19.  According to the restaurant, the system treats the air as it filters through and passes over ultraviolet lights where it is sanitized and disinfected.  In all, there a seven systems, covering 70,000 square feet of restaurant space.

“I put seven [devices] in the Roger because we have seven units, so all the time the air is being circulated, it’s being purified on every HV unit that I have,” says Angelos.

While she feels the UV devices will make customers safer, Angelos says it has also brought more peace of mind to the staff — including the boss.

“It makes me feel better,” she declares. “I’m gonna be eighty this year.”

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  • lippy

    This seems similar to the UV units they have in hospitals. Why aren’t all restaurants and businesses required to install these systems. Kudos to the Jolly Roger, they are going above and beyond for their customers and employees.

    Saturday, Aug 29 @ 9:06 am