LeeAnn Fletcher’s family meets with law enforcement officials

By on September 17, 2020

LeeAnn Fletcher.

In another development in the case of LeeAnn Fletcher, the Kitty Hawk woman who died on July 25 as a result of what her loved ones believe was a homicide, members of her family and their private investigator met on Sept. 15 with officials from the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), District Attorney Andrew Womble and Assistant District Attorney Jeff Cruden, and Kitty Hawk Police Chief Joel Johnson.

This is statement issued on Sept. 17 by LeeAnn’s Fletcher’s cousin, Trisha Cahoon, and other family members in the wake of that meeting.

“At this point, the SBI has full assist with KHPD [Kitty Hawk Police Department] in the investigation. All evidence is being collected and all witnesses, family, friend, and members of the community are being questioned that have direct links to this case. We cannot give any other information at this time, but what we would like is for full cooperation from everyone that can help with the investigation to be honest and upfront about what they know. Investigators are working day and night to speed this investigation up as we all know that wasn’t the case prior to the SBI assist. We ask for prayers and continued support from everyone as this is what LeeAnn would want.”

In an email to the Voice, Womble confirmed that the meeting with the parties mentioned took place, adding that the investigation is ongoing.

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