Corolla Wildhorse Fund announces arrival of new foal

By on September 24, 2020

(CorollaWildhorseFund/photocredit: Catherine Maryott)

Corolla Wild Horse Fund
UPDATE: It’s a girl – Alejandra!
(We will not be disclosing location or the names of the parents just yet. This family needs time to bond in quiet safety. If you are lucky enough to see them please give them plenty of space.)

Corolla Wildhorse Fund made the big announcement on their Facebook page:

We have a new foal! We have been hoping we might get a few fall babies. Not 100% sure of the sex of this little one yet so no name to announce but we couldn’t keep this good news to ourselves for very long. Right after these pics were taken the family went back into the woods. All seem to be in great shape! Visit their website to learn more or to support the horses.


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