Five lessons from Week 2 in the NFL.

By on September 24, 2020

Sam Darnold (

By Aaron Jurkowitz | Outer Banks Voice
  1. The Jets are really, really bad. Losing 31-13 to the 49ers when the 49ers lost Jimmy Garoppolo, Nick Bosa, Solomon Thomas, Tevin Coleman, and Raheem Mostert during the game is the sign of a team in trouble. Things got so bad for the Jets that in a 3rd and 31 situation, the 49ers just handed it off to Jerrick Mckinnon who went 55 yards. One other question for the Jets: How long will they stick with QB Sam Darnold?

Jared Goff (

  1. Jared Goff is looking like the 2018 version of himself. With wins against Dallas and Philly, the Rams and their quarterback are off to a good start. He was a nifty 20-27 with 3 TDs against the Eagles and although he has his share of detractors, put me in the category of believers. (And granted, the Eagles looks surprisingly bad).

Kirk Cousins (

  1. What is wrong with Kirk Cousins? I know the Vikings offensive line is bad, but a stat line of 11 completions in 26 attempts for 113 yards and 3 picks against Indy is just inexcusable. Especially since the Colts allowed Gardner Minshew to complete 95% of his passes week 1 and lost to the Jaguars. Vikes off to a surprising 0-2 start.


  1. The Ravens can win even when Lamar Jackson doesn’t have to be exciting.  He was 18/24 for 204 passing yards with 1 TD and rushed for 54 rush yards, which is a nice day’s work but not spectacular. Even so the Ravens beat a Texans team with one of the league’s top 5 quarterbacks by 17 points. This Monday’s Chiefs-Ravens matchup could be the best-regular season game of the year. – Week 2 ATLvsDAL | 2020

  1. In some ways, the Falcons collapse against the Cowboys was worse than their Super Bowl debacle against the Pats. They go up 20-0 in the first quarter against the Cowboys and head into halftime up 29-10. The great Julio Jones drops a sure touchdown that would have sealed the win. And on the ridiculous onside kick that put Dallas in position for the win, for some reason, the Falcons special teams players just stood there watching it roll instead of picking it up.


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