Dare County Land Transfers

By on September 28, 2020

September 17 to September 24, 2020


Good Cynthia Dawn from White Edwin Glenn; 014591000—Lot 18 Sec 1 Oceanfront; $465,000; Improved Residential.

Flexon Holdings LLC from Tetreault Bernard L Ttee; 013407000—Lot 18 Sec 1 Hatt Colony; $760,000; Improved Residential.

Smith Kerri C from Jordan Stephen R; 013893000—Lot 10 Sec 5 Hatt Colony; $525,000; Improved Residential.

Sink Samuel R from Dwight Rita M; 014768000—Lot 26 Windward Isle; $256,850; Improved Residential.

Fleetman Thomas D from Maigetter Robert Z; 029562000—Lot 2 Kinnakeet Shrs; $733,287; Improved Residential.

Clifford William H II from PLS Properties LLC; 029593029—Lot 29 Kinnakeet Shrs; $670,000; Improved Residential.



Stowe William David from Red Drum Properties; 017222000—Lot 5 Buxton Woods Tract; $85,000; Vacant Residential.

Meekins Douglas S from Shepherd Susan; 015878000—Lot 55 Sec 1 Hatt Colony S; $70,000; Vacant Residential.

Island Ventures of NC LLC from Hudson James H; 015523000—West Prt Lt Licketysplit Prop; $750,000; Improved Residential.



Mulgrew Katherine Kiernan from Defay Jacques; 018762037—Lot 37 Carlyle-On-The-Sound; $685,000; Improved Residential.

Paynter Herbert Jr from Barker Mark A; 019770000—Lot 9 Sec M Col Harbour; $425,000; Improved Residential.

Crawford Charles E from Jackson Corinne A; 018762085—Lot 67 Carlyle On The Sound; $410,000; Improved Residential.



Miranda Enrique Franco from Neubert Robert W; 017199000—Lot 28 Sec 2 Ocean Dunes; $639,000; Improved Residential.

Collison Kevin B from McGinnis Miranda W; 009779029—Lot 29 Osprey Sec 2; $290,000; Vacant Residential.

Jennings Jeffrey A from Graham Thomas Scott Ttee; 009782205—Unit 205 Barrier Island; $345,000; Condo.

Escajeda Justin from Quine James P; 004180000—Lot 7 Blk 2 Jay Crest; $365,999; Improved Residential.

Persiani John B from Marsh Veronica Callahan; 028813282—Lot 282 Sanderling Ph 7; $194,000; Vacant Residential

Mccormick Peter M from LGB Investments; 029447000—Lot 3 Northpoint; $520,000; Improved Residential.

Silvey Thomas G from TP Parcels LLC; 028813274—Lot 274 Sanderling; $615,000; Improved Residential.

Ward James L from Mitchell William R; 010003000—Lot 12 Blk C Duck Ridge Shrs; $525,000; Improved Residential.



Midgett Timothy W from Kitchin Paul; 014074000—Lot 9 Sportsman Village; $25,000; Vacant Residential.



Rhatigan Thomas from Treut Bruce M; 017403000—Lot 4 Hatteras Dunes; $475,000; Improved Residential.

Harris Christi Foster from Schirmer Paul D; 015746019—Bld/Uni C1 Slash Creek; $221,952; Condo.

Hosfelt Roger L from Schlegel Robert R Ttee; 015408000—Metes & Bounds; $635,000; Improved Residential.

Strickler Kenneth from Hosfelt Roger; 016118000—Lot 47 Sec 1 Hatt Estates; $470,000; Improved Residential.


Kill Devil Hills

Leymeister Steven A from Dixon Thomas E; 001708000—Lot 55 Avalon Beach; $339,000; Improved Residential.

Cork Cottage II LLC from Babb Robert W; 002623000—Lot 8 Croatan Shrs; $325,000; Improved Residential.

Wilson-Harfst Jo Ann from Johnson Diane P Ttee; 002579008—Lot 8 Blk 16 Croatan Shrs; $350,000; Improved Residential.

Mcvearry Andrew Paul from Mcvearry Michael G Ttee; 004516000—Lot 8 Blk 40 Kdh Realty Corp; $250,000; Family Deed.

Ritter Lawrence J II from Eavey Patrick Ryan; 030649000—Lts 26&26A Clay Don; $668,000; Improved Residential.

Hodge Rebecca Mary from Fox Elizabeth A; 028127000—Unit 5A Sea Oats Villas; $232,500; Condo.

Ballinger Robert from Reed Ronald L Ttee; 002185000—Lot 89 Wright’s Shores; $220,000; Improved Residential.


Kitty Hawk

Herbst John Edward from Rental Investments One; 012342000—Lot 3 Blk 28 KH Beach; $810,000; Improved Residential.

Allen Ruther Liv Ta from Hite Kelly S Suc Ttee; 018413058—Lot 54 First Flight Ridge; $180,000; Vacant Residential.

Richardson Bryan K from Peterson John M; 010939000—Lot 20 Blk 25 KH Beach; $403,009; Improved Residential.


Manns Harbor

Manns Harbor Holding LLC from Yaccarino Steven D; 017682000—Multi-Parcel; $113,000; Vacant Residential.

Farkas David from Williams Ronald E Jr; 017520000 & 017520001; $158,500; Vacant Residential.



Gilbert Street Investment LLC from Quinn Gerald Haywood; 025688000—Lot 28 Bayview Homes; $150,000; Vacant Residential.

Albemarle Land Company LLC from Huling Michael C; 029991029—Slip 29 Pirate’s Cove; $85,000; Boat Slip.

Ash Steven from Chun Daniel; 029991071—Slip 71 Pirate’s Cove; $100,000; Boat Slip.

East Coast Drilling & Blasting from Mccollum Robert M; 029991092—Slip 92 Pirate’s Cove; $40,000; Boat Slip.

Spruill James W from Pirates Cove LP; 025694363—Lot 6 Ballast Point; $355,000; Vacant Residential.

Anderson Sharon A from Jarvis Charles D; 023192000—Lot 7 Blk 2 Roanoke Prk Amnd; $315,000; Improved Residential.

Doliber William E from Beale Etheldred Warren Jr; 025694164—Unit 1702 Ballast Pt; $525,000; Condo.

Munroe Jeannette S from Mason Lisa R; 025694079—Unit 813 Buccaneer Vill; $330,000; Condo.

Matthews Candice C from Offield Nathan A; 025818032—Lot 31 Peninsula; $667,500; Improved Residential.

Marsee Paul Edgar from Laster Kenneth D Co Te; 025818020—Lot 19 Peninsula; $545,000; Improved Residential.


Manteo (Outside)

Young Jayne F from Burnside Estates LLC; 024655005—Lot 5 Burnside Estates; $334,000; Improved Residential.

Reconnu Mark Donald from Burnside Estates LLC; 024655004—Lot 4 Burnside Estates; $324,900; Improved Residential.

Immordino Richard from Mauro L A Jr; 025206000—Metes & Bounds; $602,000; Improved Residential.

Larry and Rosie Hansen LLC from Croatan Woods Development; 024423035—Lot 33 Croatan Woods; $89,900; Vacant Residential.

Clark Michelle A from BKS Investments; 024443000—Lot 3 Duke Woods; $89,000; Vacant Residential.

Nestor Robert H from Walter Gregory A; 022993000—Metes & Bounds; $638,000; Improved Residential.

Harrell John L III from Collett Kathleen Bell Ttee; 024410056—Lot 98 Phs 3 Heritage Point; $760,000; Improved Residential.


Nags Head

Guzynski Leon G from Moore Nancy Elizabeth; 007812000—Lot 54 Sec E Old NH Cove; $415,000; Improved Residential.

Bertrand Wendy L from Zorc Kevin; 005911000—Metes & Bounds; $285,000; Improved Residential.

Netala Tagore C from Walters Edward K; 006272000—Lot 21 Sec B Old NH Cove; $259,000; Improved Residential.

Furr Bradley V from Heinecke Todd C; 005897000—Lot 20 Blk E Vista Col W; $350,000; Improved Residential.

Reynolds David M from Kaz OBX Properties; 000541000—Lot 1 Blk 2 NH Shores; $2,475,000; Improved Residential.

Roberts James C from Roxbury Glenn H; 006157000—Lot 27 Sec A Old NH Cove; $390,000; Improved Residential.

Borkat Jarrod E from First Hess Family LLC; 026337000—Lot 16 Blk 4 Hollywood Beach; $1,000,000; Improved Residential.

Wolf Dwight from Rendulic Mark R; 030619000—Lot 13 Seaside; $610,000; Improved Residential.

Zimmerman Scott from Herring F Eugene; 027446009—Lot 10A Blk 6 NH Shores Amn; $850,000; Improved Residential.

Yingling Jeffery Mark from Nags Head LLC; 007325009—Lot 9 Shellbank; $246,000; Vacant Residential.

Mahon Earl P from Dean Timothy K; 008732001—Lot 1 Seafare; $640,000; Improved Residential.



Bond Jeffrey L from Rolph Daniel E; 012465000—Parc 1 Malcolm Fearing III; $745,000; Improved Residential.

Skarzynski Buyansanaa from Roeser Allison Marie Co T; 012459009—Lot 2 Blk 4 Mirlo Beach; $315,000; Improved Residential.



Craig Ben T Jr from Vorous Donald L; 013099000—Lot 62 Sec B Hatt Colony; $289,900; Improved Residential.

Aloha Rental Properties LLC from Slater Dennis A; 013128000—Lot 26 Sec A Hatt Colony; $460,000; Improved Residential.

Tew Robert W from Rundell Stephane M; 013029000—Lot 66 Sec C Hatt Colony; $419,900; Improved Residential.


Southern Shores

Birkel Stuart from Lane Investment Properties; 022157000—Lot 69 Blk 95 S Shores; $149,900; Vacant Residential.

Russell William Corless from Clouse Mark A; 022078000—Lts 22&23 Blk 28 S Shores; $1,615,000; Improved Residential.

Brindley Douglas from Smith Jacqueline Mccloud Ttee; 022306000—Lot 7 Blk 26 S Shores; $1,870,000; Improved Residential.

Moyer Matthew Bennett from Swink Mark E Ttee; 022383473—Lot 473 Chicahauk; $175,000; Vacant Residential.

Graulich Craig from Herring Randolph L; 021453000—Lts 7&8 Blk E S Shores Sndside; $510,000; Improved Residential.


Stumpy Point

Fedele Angela J from Weisenberger Bryan E; 023994000—Metes & Bounds; $49,000; Vacant Residential.

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