Play ball!

By on October 7, 2020

(Dare County Baseball)

(Dare County Baseball)

Now that Dare County Baseball is back, they wanted to remind parents and fans of the guidelines. Hoping for a fun and safe season! Let’s Play Ball!

  • All spectators and participants should wear face coverings when they are or may be within six (6) feet of another person.
  • Remind individuals not to shake hands, give high fives, or fist pumps before, during, or after the game or practice.
  • Players and coaches should sanitize or wash their hands after each half inning.
  • The dugouts are not to be used. Players will use bleachers and/or other space outside the field when not in the field of play (maintaining social distancing)
  • Coaches, officials, and others should modify communication and avoid up close face to face communication.
  • Games will be scheduled to include adequate buffer times between games to allow athletes, coaches and staff to enter and exit the facility with limited interaction.
  • Limit sharing of equipment and assign individual equipment (e.g., batting gloves, catcher’s equipment) to avoid sharing between participants.
  • Disinfect all shared sports equipment (if provided) between users.
  • Remind individuals to bring their own water bottles, and that those water bottles are not shared.
  • No sunflower seeds or gum is allowed by a participant (players, coaches, umpires). The concession stand will not be selling these items to promote safety and adherence.
  • No prepared foods will be served at the concession stands.


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