Fletcher autopsy cites ‘blunt force’ head trauma

By on October 13, 2020

Manner of death is listed as ‘undetermined’

According to the autopsy report from the Virginia Medical Examiner’s office, the cause of death in the case of LeeAnn Fletcher has been determined to be “complications of blunt force trauma to the head with hepatic cirrhosis with clinical hepatic failure contributing.”

The manner of death, according to the autopsy is “undetermined,” one of five choices along with homicide, suicide, accident or natural. In a brief interview with the Voice on Oct. 13, an official in the Virginia Medical Examiner’s office declined to comment further on the findings.

A Kitty Hawk resident, LeeAnn Fletcher died on July 25 after being found unresponsive in her home three days earlier. Her family and supporters have launched a public campaign on social media and elsewhere to push for the arrest of the individual they believe killed her. The case is in the jurisdiction of the Kitty Hawk Police, but on Sept. 9, the State Bureau of Investigation joined the investigation.

Trisha Cahoon, LeeAnn Fletcher’s cousin who has launched a tireless campaign to the keep the case on the front burner, told the Voice that the autopsy report vindicates the family’s view and indicates that the “patient died from something other than natural causes.”

Cahoon added that “There were multiple things that caused her death” that were set in motion “by the blunt force trauma that caused a bleed” and worsened as she lay unattended, including hypoxia (lack of oxygen) to her major organs.

Cahoon also asserted that LeeAnn Fletcher’s “family has called the DA every day for the past two weeks,” without getting a response.  First Judicial District Attorney Andrew Womble, who has confirmed receipt of the autopsy report, said in a brief statement on Oct. 13 that, “The matter is an ongoing criminal investigation and I have no comment regarding the Medical Examiner’s finding.”

Womble’s office has said during this investigation that it needed to see the results of the autopsy report before making any final decisions about criminal charges in the case.






  • Michael Gilgo

    Lockem up.

    Tuesday, Oct 13 @ 6:39 pm
  • Travis

    A simple, straightforward answer to a single question would help shed some light:

    Was it a single blunt force trauma or multiple blunt force traumas? A single trauma could be from a fall or an assault. But if there are multiple blunt force traumas then unless you are inexplicably persistent about falling on your head and getting back up again, that’s hard to chalk up as accidental.

    So was it trauma, singular, or traumata, plural?

    Wednesday, Oct 14 @ 10:05 am
  • K

    This is ridiculous. LOCK HIM UP. its obvious what he did. DARE COUNTY IS A JOKE when it comes to investigating. HIRE YOUR OWN LAWYER who has plenty of experience. NOT DARE COUNTY. they will cover up their own lies. AND THEYVE BEEN COUGHT MULTIPLE TIMES DOING IT!

    Wednesday, Oct 14 @ 3:55 pm
  • hightider

    Don’t hold your breath on criminal charges since the autopsy says undetermined. The family needs to have an independent pathologist study the autopsy report and render a conclusion. Somehow it sounds like the powers that be want this case to …go away.

    Wednesday, Oct 14 @ 4:35 pm
  • Erin ricketts

    You better believe if she was doing heroin she would spend 3 years in prison. Dare County should be ashamed of itself. From the top all the way down. Its going to be one of the worst cases in the history of the state if that man walks away from this murder that he committed. All the evidence you need to make an arrest is there. It has got to be one of the worst cases of “favoritism” that has ever existed in this county or even the state. Why aren’t the Feds(FBI) involved???? It truly is a travesty of justice. I pray for and feel deeply for the family..leeann was a beautiful person and a truly beautiful soul. My she rest in peace with justice for her blanket. ER

    Thursday, Oct 15 @ 9:29 pm
  • Mark A Williamson

    Patience, KARMA will take care things, always does

    Monday, Oct 19 @ 3:03 pm