Dare County Land Transfers

By on October 20, 2020



October 9 to October 14, 2020


BFBH LLC from Peter Andreas M Sr; 014822815—Lot 815 Kinnakeet Shrs; $469,000; Improved Residential.

Gerland Craig W from Crisp Jamie Strickland; 013968000—Lot 17 Sec 10 Hatt Colony; $38,000; Vacant Residential.



Squires Charles E from Jensen Eleanor J; 018762040—Lot 40 Carlyle-On-The-Sound; $210,000; Vacant Residential.

Warner Steve D from Dupczak Thomas J; 020244000—Lot 89 Sec Q Col Harbour; $272,500; Improved Residential.

Second Wind Builders Inc from Steigleder Lynn K; 020517000—Lot 34 Sec T Col Harbour; $52,000; Vacant Residential.



Helvin Stephen Holland Jr from Morrison Jeffrey D; 026469021—Lot 21 Schooner Ridge Ph 2; $585,000; Improved Residential.

Aslaksen Shaun Brian Ttee from Pearson Larry G Ttee; 009625182—Lot 182 Sec C Carolina Dunes; $1,380,000; Improved Residential.

Gonsa Robert K from Mckenna James F; 026469036—Lot 36 Sec 2 Schooner Ridge; $550,000; Improved Residential.

Cave Steven W from Galleher James P; 010067094—Lot 94 Four Seasons; $925,000; Improved Residential.

Kemmerer Matthew R from French James Patrick; 010067031—Lot 31 Four Seasons; $875,000; Improved Residential.

Poarch Renae M from Flagg G Michael; 021131000—Lot 13 Blk 50 Seacrest Vill; $505,000; Improved Residential.

Laub David W from Spring House LLC; 009897000—Lot 7 Blk C Bayberry Bluff E; $865,000; Improved Residential.

Fenton Robert William Jr from Tiberio Richard A; 009861001—Lot 10A Blk H Bayberry Bluff W; $1,500,000; Improved Residential.

Noerr Richard A from John Galt Enterprises LLC; 017196000—Lot 6 Sec 2 Ocean Dunes; $565,000; Improved Residential.



Seitzer Timothy M from Acworth Brian J; 016053000—Apt Space 35 Ocean Dunes; $172,500; Condo.

Staley George E Jr from Sutliff Brian T Ttee; 000507105—Unit 118 Villas Of Hatt Lnding; $124,500; Condo.


Kill Devil Hills

Reese Wiliam G Jr from Reese Keith; 001193000—Int-Lot 736 Avalon Beach Anx; $15,000; Family Deed.

Anderson Richard R from Tillett Rhonda; 002636020—Lot 20 Blk 24 Croatan Shrs; $292,000; Improved Residential.

Laskowski Robert from Donahue Marie T; 008213000—Lot 11 Blk W Kd Beach Extn; $400,000; Improved Residential.

Shillingburg Ronald L from Longview Holdings;  004631009—Lot 8 Blk 31 Kdh Realty Corp; $120,000; Vacant Residential.

Virginia Darling LLC from Cobb Sharon S Admin; 000427000—Lts 19&20 Blk 17 Va Dare Shrs; $300,000; Improved Residential.

Lawson Christopher from Laake Peter W; 000995000—Lot 33 Moor Shores; $240,000; Improved Residential.

O’Brien Lawrence A from Brightbill Bryan K; 000008000—Lot 9 Blk 3 Orville Beach; $337,000; Improved Residential.

Reyes Maria from Samko Lorraine E Ttee; 001529000—Lot 164 Avalon Beach; $106,833; Vacant Residential.

Sharp Kathryn R from Samko Lorraine E Ttee; 001530000—Lot 165 Avalon Beach; $160,334; Improved Residential.

Scaringello Frank from Weaver H Bruce III; 003780000—Prt Lts 4,5,6 Blk 30 Kh Shrs; $255,000; Improved Residential.

Nadjarian Paul H Ttee from 807 North KDH LLC; 003698000—Lot 9 Blk 8 Kh Shrs Revised; $2,360,000; Improved Residential.


Kitty Hawk

Skibo Abram from Oyster Bay Partnership; 027566080—Metes & Bounds; $5,000; Vacant Residential.

Neely Henry Allen from Stagmer Cheryl Ann; 011140000—Lot 45 Blk 40 Kh Beach; $416,000; Improved Residential.



Davis Janet B from Putz Lawrence Jr; 030835078—Unit 1113 Shallowbag Bay; $305,000; Condo.

Strasberg Paul Jacob from Falciano Anthony D; 030835027—Unit 503 Shallowbag Bay; $337,000; Condo.


Manteo (Outside)

Moskowitz Neil L from Powell Michele M; 025020005—Lot 5 Beckonridge II; $69,000; Vacant Residential.

Seitler Nicholas Graham from Crews Charles Steve; 025468037—Lot 37 Jones Heights; $175,000; Improved Residential.

Smith Jeffrey C from Midgett Lynda Fayssoux; 028181302—Lot 2 Sec 3 Leonard Midgett; $86,500; Vacant Residential.


Nags Head

Brigham Edward from Frain James P; 008982000—Lot 29 Prt 30 Ocean Colony S; $559,000; Improved Residential.

Shanahan Jeremiah T from Dean Clarence E Jr; 026824000—Lot 2 Ralph Buxton; $1,050,000; Improved Residential.

Gay Mary Katherine from Brennan Daniel P; 006375000—Lot 64 Sec D Old NH Cove; $455,000; Improved Residential.

Vanscyoc Doug Matthew from Devincenzo Dominic J; 008732000—Lot 4A Seafare; $585,000; Improved Residential.

Klokkenga Mark E from A Beach View Rentals LLC; 008986000—Lts 35&36 Prt 44 Ocean Colony S; $525,000; Improved Residential.

Dippolito Kevin T from Riptide Investments LLC; 007648003—Lot 252 George Stronach; $649,900; Improved Residential.

3213 SVDT LLC from Dale Lumber Company Inc; 006711001—Metes & Bounds; $800,000; Vacant Residential.

Cole Frank from Tomlinson Jonathan W; 029686138—Bld/Uni 2-303 Land Sugar Crk; $482,500; Condo.

Leonard Clairborne Jr from Paddock James M; 005545000—Lot 25 Blk 2 Nh Shrs Amnd; $410,000; Improved Residential.

Kueck Paul D from Martz David Alan; 005932025—Lot 25 Sec 2 NH Acres; $357,500; Improved Residential.



Davis Stephen from Martin Warren C Jr; 011474000—Lot 40 Corbina Shores; $325,000; Improved Residential.

Perkins Brent Edward from Dimig John M Ttee; 030602000—Metes & Bounds; $425,000; Improved Residential.

Walsh Jason T from Calhoun Jeffrey S; 014211000—Metes & Bounds; $559,314; Improved Residential.


Southern Shores

Kronebusch John from Thoms George H Ttee; 020961000—Lot 14 Blk 82 S Shores Bch; $265,000; Improved Residential.

Conklin Ashton Thurman from Sjoerdsma Ann Gretchen; 021335000—Lot 63 Blk 4 S Shores Beach; $154,900; Vacant Residential.

Jackson Peter A from Bateman C Fred; 027716000—Lot 399 Chicahauk; $178,500; Vacant Residential.

Bancroft Kevin from Netsch Robert C; 022759000—Lot 4 Blk 175 S Shores; $388,750; Improved Residential.

Powers Deborah Marlene from Seward Christopher G; 021990001—Parcel B S Shores; $700,000; Improved Residential.



Huth Matthew T from Davis Alrene D; 023668008—Lot 5 Orville Daniels; $95,000; Vacant Residential.

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