First Flight High closed for sanitizing

By on October 21, 2020

Move comes after possible COVID exposure

First Flight High School

First Flight High School closed mid-morning on Oct. 21 so that the building could be fully sanitized, the Dare County Schools has confirmed. Teachers, who were at school for a scheduled teacher workday to prepare for the Oct. 26 opening of school, were sent home shortly after 10 a.m. Sports practices and other scheduled events for Oct. 21, such as the distribution of parking passes, were also cancelled.

Dare County Schools Digital Communications Director Keith Parker told the Voice that there have been no confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 at the school, but that the district was using an “abundance of caution” by fully sanitizing the building with a high-powered Clorox 360 device, which can clean the entire building within an hour.

In a statement just released on the today’s action, the school district added that although there are no confirmed cases, “we may have a stakeholder who may have been exposed and was on campus.”

The building also closed for sanitization on Monday, Oct. 19, with all sports practices cancelled on that day as well. On Tuesday, students were in and out of the building during the day to pick up parking passes as well as senior packets.

“We are doing everything in our power to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our staff,” said Parker. He added that the school will open again on Thursday, Oct. 22 to staff.

The First Flight Official Fan Page on Oct. 21 also noted that distribution of parking passes will resume on Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for juniors and seniors.



  • Johnny

    Imagine when the kids arrive……….
    Imagine when one
    Never mind
    Hope they thought this thru

    Wednesday, Oct 21 @ 1:08 pm
  • Why risk it

    So a school has already been shut down prior to students even returning?

    With county and state cases rising, what is the metric moving forward?

    Will they shut down a specific school in the event of possible exposure of a student or staff member? Am I really expected to trust a parent DESPERATE to have their student(s) back in school to be honest in 3 health screening questions? Is the school board discontinuing the practice of having students from elementary, middle and high school all on the same bus to limit the spread between multiple schools?

    Who knows as the school board is taking excessive time in answering parent questions. I understand that a lot of them are up for re-election, but they made this decision REALLY quickly, obviously without a plan, and they NEED to be available to answer questions on the decision they recently made over re-election efforts.

    I have no idea as a parent if my student will have the same teachers when they return on Monday (the next school day at this point). There is literally no information or support in place. And ZERO plan for student orientation transitioning to a new school. An SGA member will be available to show my student their first period class…what about their other classes??? Who will show them their locker or give them their locker combo? Are students allowed to take backpacks to each class to limit time spent in hallways between classes? Who knows??

    As a parent of a student I have ZERO information about any of this. And as the family member / friend of multiple teachers & DCS staff I can confidently report they have ZERO information either.

    What is the schedule for the days 6-12 are remote? Are those days syncronous or asynchronous? If my student stays remote, what is the daily schedule?

    DCS is returning to in person learning literally without a plan. Disaster waiting to happen…

    Wednesday, Oct 21 @ 11:15 pm