Dare voting brisk, outpaces nearby counties

By on November 1, 2020

More than 60% have already cast ballots

With early in-person voting now over in the state, more than 60% of eligible voters in North Carolina and in Dare County have already cast ballots, either by mail or at a voting place. This pre-Election Day voting activity in Dare County has significantly outpaced that in neighboring Currituck and Hyde Counties.

Here are the numbers as of 5 a.m. this morning.


Total votes cast: 4,531,466
Percentage of eligible voters: 61.6%
Votes by mail-in ballot: 928,443
Votes by in-person ballot: 3,603,023


Dare County

Total votes cast: 18,831
Percentage of eligible voters: 62.4%  
Votes by mail-in ballot: 3,529
Votes by in-person ballot: 15,302


Currituck County

Total votes cast: 10,079
Percentage of eligible voters: 46.1%
Votes by mail-in ballot: 1,261
Votes by in-person ballot: 8,818


Hyde County

Total votes cast: 1,229
Percentage of eligible voters: 38.7%  
Votes by mail-in ballot: 205
Votes by in-person ballot: 1,024






  • Zack Bass

    It is good that people realize how important this election is. This is why America is, and always has been, Great.

    Sunday, Nov 1 @ 3:16 pm
  • lippy

    Trump has gotten Americans interested in politics/voting again.

    Monday, Nov 2 @ 8:51 am