A strong Republican night in Dare County

By on November 4, 2020

GOP appears to win all 5 contests for BOC and BOE

Republicans enjoyed another good election night in Dare County and its environs.

With the ballots counted in the race for the 11-county District 1 North Carolina State Senate seat, incumbent first-term Republican Bob Steinburg, of Edenton, defeated Dare County Democratic challenger Tess Judge by a comfortable 55%-45% margin. All results reported on Nov. 3 are unofficial.

The margin was larger in the race for the four-county District 6 seat in the North Carolina House of Representatives. There, first-term Republican Bobby Hanig, of Powells Point, defeated Southern Shores Democrat Tommy Fulcher, by a 64%-36% margin.

With Dare County results rolling in shortly after 11 p.m., it appeared that all five contested races on the Dare County Board of Commissioners and Board of Education had been resolved in the favor of Republicans.

In the race for District 2 Dare County Commissioner, incumbent Republican Bob Woodard defeated Democratic challenger Amanda Hooper Walters by about 4,700 votes and a 60%-40% margin. In the District 3 contest, incumbent Republican Steve House was leading Democratic challenger Kathy McCullough-Testa by roughly 4,400 votes and a similar 60%-40% margin.

In the contested battles for the Dare County Board of Education, incumbent Republican David Twiddy finished with a 5,500-vote lead and a 62%-38% margin over Democratic challenger Charles Parker in the contest for an at-large seat. In the District 2 battle for an open seat, Republican Susan Bothwell defeated Democrat Jen Alexander by about 2,500 votes and 56%-44% margin.

And in the race that seemed to highlight the power of being a Republican candidate in Dare County, Republican challenger Carl Woody II defeated Democratic incumbent Bea Basnight, the board’s chairperson, by about 900 votes and a 52%-48% margin.

In key federal and statewide races, Dare County also favored the Republican. In the race for the 3rd U.S. Congressional District seat, Republican incumbent Greg Murphy, who amassed a large 63%-37% lead over Democrat Daryl Farrow in the districtwon by a 60%-40% margin in Dare County. The U.S. Senate race between Republican incumbent Thom Tillis and Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham showed Tillis with about a two-percentage point lead statewide, but in Dare County, he won by a comfortable 57%-40% margin.

Democratic incumbent Governor Roy Cooper appears to have won re-election by about a 52%-47% margin over Republican challenger Dan Forest.  But Forest defeated Cooper in Dare County by a 55%-44% tally.

And finally, with President Donald Trump and Joe Biden locked in a very close race statewide, Trump took Dare County 58%-41%. For the record, Trump carried the county by about 22 percentage points over Hillary Clinton in 2016.





  • Maria

    How in the hell did Cooper win?? 😤😤😤

    Wednesday, Nov 4 @ 7:22 am
  • Sandflea

    Because he’s been a good governor and has done a good job with COVID. Seems he’s protected a lot of people like you from yourself. You seem to know a lot; please tell us what he has done that is so bad. Thanks!

    Wednesday, Nov 4 @ 12:51 pm
  • Deb

    Good question Maria. Obviously NC is full of people who are willing to ignore science to protect their favorite politicians. Cooper has ruined businesses and lives by capricious fiat.

    Flea, no one needs a politician to protect them from themselves. America was founded on principles of individual freedom. This is a virus, related to many we have had before. It’s not the Black Plague. Go to gbdeclaration.org to see what the best public health and medical practitioners from across the globe have to say about the mistake of locking down society. They address protecting the most vulnerable in our communities while allowing schools and businesses and health care to be open and available. COVID is the intersection of public health and politics and Governor Cooper has done the exact wrong thing. He certainly has not been a good governor and history will judge him for his role in this.

    Wednesday, Nov 4 @ 8:45 pm
  • Dethrol

    In the interest of consistency, the good guv should be held responsible for the deaths of over 4,500 citizens of this State. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander.

    Wednesday, Nov 4 @ 10:17 pm