Harvey Hess’ restaurant vandalized after BOE meeting

By on November 14, 2020

Harvey Hess (file photo)

The popular Kitty Hawk restaurant Capt’n Franks was vandalized shortly after its owner, Harvey Hess, cast the lone vote at the Nov. 13 Dare Board of Education meeting against returning all students to remote learning.

In an interview with the Voice, Hess said the incident — which he described as dozens of eggs thrown at his property, costing an estimated $500 in damage — occurred sometime between 10:30 p.m. on Nov. 13 and 8:00 a.m. on Nov. 14 when his manager came to open the business and discovered the damage. Hess reported the incident to the Kitty Hawk Police Department, who came to the restaurant.

Acknowledging that “I don’t know who did it,” Hess said the timing of the vandalism led him to conclude that it was related to his position and vote on the highly charged issue of whether to keep schools open or teach remotely during the COVID pandemic.

“That was the message…This was done by people who were angry I disagreed with them…It’s really unfortunate and disappointing,” he said, adding that he viewed the vandalism as an outgrowth of the current “cancel culture.”

The Nov. 13 Dare Board of Education meeting, which ended Friday evening, was contentious at times with both Hess and fellow Board Member Joe Tauber questioning quarantining protocols after a COVID-19 case is detected within the Dare school system. Hess also suggested that teachers should perhaps look for another job if they couldn’t shoulder the task of teaching in an environment of COVID challenges and teacher shortages.

After he became the sole board member to vote against returning to remote learning in Dare County, a number of comments on the Voice’s website and Facebook page focused on Hess’s position — with some complimentary, but others clearly critical. For his part, Hess said that after the Nov. 13 board meeting, he got about “ten venomous emails and texts.”





  • Tom

    Hhhmmm violence to someone’s property because you disagree with what they said??? Sounds like to me the same people that those terrorist groups BLM and Antifa to me! Nothing but low life scum! The man has a right to say what he wants no matter if you agree or not! People need to grow the hell up!

    Sunday, Nov 15 @ 2:44 pm
  • Sarah

    I just wish you could “like” comments on here!

    Harvey III, you clearly need to listen to jr’s comments again. Every single time I have heard him speak at meetings he disrespects our teachers and school staff. Every. Single. Time.

    My student and every single student I have talked to has said going back in person was a huge mistake and they think going back to remote is for the best all around.

    Other parents I talk to are struggling with the inconsistency of closures occuring without notice or time to make accomodations for a plan.

    For the record – What is petty is a BOE member who REPEATEDLY claims schools are day cares, and disparages amazing teachers and staff who continue to risk their own health and safety, as well as sacrificing time from their own children and families to be present for our amazing kiddos.

    Why is no one commenting on Twiddy’s asinine comment that people in quarantine shouldn’t test so we don’t risk having our numbers go up – where is the outrage around that utter stupidity?!?

    Sunday, Nov 15 @ 3:03 pm
  • Arlene Palmer

    Destruction of someone’s property is not the way to resolve differences.

    Sunday, Nov 15 @ 4:11 pm
  • Chris

    For all you crybabies. Harvey Hess is a pillar of this community always has been and always will be.

    Sunday, Nov 15 @ 4:18 pm
  • Susie Ranno

    Harvey Hess III
    You’re welcome! Having guts had nothing to do with my decision to post my name then or now. I am the proud wife of a Dare County teacher and I listened to the meeting. My husband has been teaching in person classes as well as virtual. He is up early 7 days a week on his computer helping his students. He is up late helping his students. We live and work in Buxton so I have no desire to drive up to Kitty Hawk to hear your fathers apology. Perhaps he should post it on the OBX Voice website.

    As the wife of a teacher I can tell you that the well-being of the children are always up utmost importance to myself and our family. I also understand the struggle of working and raising a child. I worked 3 part time jobs while putting myself through college while being a single parent. I will end by saying that if there is any family here that needs assistance with tutoring or help paying for child care you are welcome to contact me. I will do everything in my power to help you in anyway I can. This is an amazing community we live in and when the village needs help then the village should “step up”.

    Sunday, Nov 15 @ 5:00 pm
  • Obx girl

    I am a parent that works more than full time hours. I dread the online as its not adequate education for a young child. Period. It absolutely sucks that Dare County is going back to virtual learning but we have no choice. I get it but my kid suffers. Its damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

    Sunday, Nov 15 @ 6:42 pm
  • Elle Ayche

    Mr Hess, perhaps if you showed a little more compassion for your “fellow” teachers, you would not have to find someone to clean up the egg on your face oh, I mean egg on your place that cost $500? Really? I would come and clean it up for you for $250 maybe….

    Sunday, Nov 15 @ 7:01 pm
  • Travis

    I wouldn’t discount the possibility that Hess did the “vandalism” to himself. I mean, that’s par for the course with the right. Everyone remembers the images of masked white people doing damage to businesses and police cars during the George Floyd demonstrations. It’s a page out of the right’s dirty tricks playbook. You’re a little sus, Harvey, a little sus…

    Anyway, Hess and conservatives like him crack me up. He gets a few eggs tossed at his restaurant, a pretty mild response all things considered if he didn’t do it himself, and suddenly he’s a martyr for the anti-mask cause? Please. In the same breath he tells teachers to cinch up and find a new career if they can’t handle a little covid, he whines that he’s been persecuted because his business got egged?

    I believe the right has coined a term for people like Hess: snowflake.

    Sunday, Nov 15 @ 8:07 pm
  • Harvey Hess III

    Last time I will ever post on here. Mrs Ranno, thank you so much for a nice and civil response. I appreciate your husband’s service to our county. I really appreciate and have so much respect for everyone that lives on Hatteras island. We have no desire to apologize to you thou, and don’t owe you one. We can have opinions and so can you. We can agree to disagree on things. You seem like a really nice and intelligent person. I respect your stance and statements. I hope the best for you and your family.

    Sunday, Nov 15 @ 8:57 pm
  • Carol Castellow

    All of my children are out of school but my grand children are in school, 2 in Dare County. I wonder what Mr. Hess would do if one of his employees tested positive for Covid. Would he continue to keep his restaurant open, not taking into consideration the risk of more spread or would he close the doors? His statements leads me to believe he would continue to stay open so as to not loose any more revenue..

    His statement of “teachers should perhaps look for another job if they couldn’t shoulder the task of teaching in an environment of COVID challenges and teacher shortages.” is absolutely asinine. Teachers have been dealing with teacher shortages for years so that’s not anything new. This Covid pandemic has effected everyone’s lives. The kids are going back to remote learning not because the teachers can’t handle the challenges but because Covid has infected not only teachers but students. Does he have any children in the school system?

    I feel sorry for the children not being able to go into their schools. They have already lost so much by not being able to be around their friends, limited summer activities, the cancelation of sports and camps even limited interaction with older family members. Hell, they couldn’t even go Trick or Treating. Children need the socialization as well as the face to face learning environment. I feel sorry for the parents that work and now have to figure out what to do with the children that aren’t old enough to be at home alone, the parents that can’t afford daycare. But, the alternative is worse. What if their child caught Covid and died.

    Do I agree with his business being egged? No, that doesn’t solve anything but he is speculating that it was done as retaliation for his comments but he doesn’t know. It could just be a coincidence and have nothing to do with it. But, after the comments he made (and apparently not for the first time) he should have expected something. I would like for Mr. Hess to put himself in a room full of children that finally get to see all their friends but have to wear a mask, stay 6′ away from their “besties” and to have everything they touch constantly being cleaned. They get antsy, they act up and they just don’t understand.

    Maybe instead of putting all the blame on the teachers he should focus on coming up with an alternative. The YMCA in Pasquotank County had students coming in to do their online schooling under a structured set up. Quit being part of the problem and be a help.

    Sunday, Nov 15 @ 9:34 pm
  • Chris Smith

    Tom you couldn’t have said it any better THANK YOU SIR!!!!!!!!

    Sunday, Nov 15 @ 9:41 pm
  • Joan

    Sadly we live in a society where individual opinions are not respected & that type of attitude has become pervasive in this country. This comes from blindly supporting “your candidate” & hating the “other candidate” across the country. We need to respect both sides. We need to SEE the flaws on ALL sides & stop being so myopic about “our side”. It’s that blindness that leads to hate and that is what is going on in this country No one is all perfect in elected positions & those looking to be elected are NOT perfect. EACH person & every opinion deserves respect. We have lost that in this country. We all need to calm down and STOP the hatred. Yes I can totally disagree with some folks in power be it the highest office of the country or a school board member but I know deep down that there is right & wrong on all sides and I CAN see that. Stop thinking your way is PERFECT and the ONLY way !!!!!!!

    Monday, Nov 16 @ 5:17 am
  • Mike Evans

    I guess that the open minded types here on the OBX “really” tolerate differing opinions. I’ll come over and help you clean you place for nothing! Really! Maybe next time some of these opened minded types are asking for your help, ask them if they “really” want help from someone with whom they disagree. Maybe! You spent the funds on cleaning your business.
    These kids are falling behind in their education, but let’s worry about the teachers first. Stay the course, Mr. Hess. I may not agree with your decision taken, but I want you to be able to do so in a free country and county.

    Monday, Nov 16 @ 8:11 am
  • Alex S.

    Hey Tom, let’s just jump to labels! Let’s learn something here that isn’t quite understood on this isolated island. This matter is unrelated to BLM- where people are protesting on behalf of many generations to the extent they need to be heard…let alone Antifa, which is completely unrelated and random and THAT suggestion tells me how easily unlikely you are to ATTEMPT to understand someone else’s perspective and how easily persuaded you are. Could have been any truck flag flyer too perhaps? (By the way, Dare County, don’t forget to put your truck flags at half mast).

    Monday, Nov 16 @ 10:01 am
  • Stephen McKenna

    “Teachers should look for another job.”
    A good reason to boycott Captain Franks.

    Monday, Nov 16 @ 10:32 am
  • Stan Clough

    We spent millions of dollars building schools. We build up the economy of Dare County and our population increases, we have good schools and teachers. Now a virus with political means keeping our children from their education is egging dare county.
    Thats OK, its only the children of people that are not bureaucrats that will be harmed

    Monday, Nov 16 @ 4:53 pm
  • Stan Clough

    But that is not ok and children should be in the schools we built, if not what do we do with the schools ? It makes no sense. If you want to close schools then the money to fund schools needs to go to the student. then the parents can control the education of the child.

    Monday, Nov 16 @ 5:05 pm
  • Cole Burkett

    I so sincerely hope that the BOE will remove Superintendent Farrelly with haste!

    This guy is a joke and he’s turned what Dr. Sue Burgess worked so hard to build into a travesty!

    We need real leadership during times of crisis and this gentleman is simply not up to the task!

    For the sake of our teachers, but more importantly, for our children’s sake, please remove Superintendent Farrelly!

    Monday, Nov 16 @ 8:03 pm
  • Former Student

    Not surprising behavior from Harvey. Do any of you ask your children what their teachers are like? I can guarantee you as a former student of the First Flight system he has quite the reputation, and it’s not exactly crystal clean.

    Monday, Nov 16 @ 10:21 pm
  • OBX Local

    I think we can all agree that this guy is not liked aiming many on the Outer Banks. My staff and I have had the unfortunate pleasure of having to deal with him at my establishment. He doesn’t treat people with respect and therefore he didn’t get respect in return. Oh well.

    Tuesday, Nov 17 @ 6:25 am