Healing wildlife on Hatteras

By on November 15, 2020

(Hatteras Island Wildlife Rehabilitation)

In these challenging times, one helpful mental health exercise might be to spend a few minutes on the Facebook page of Hatteras Island Wildlife Rehabilitation, the non-profit established by the amazing Lou Browning, who has nursed back to health hundreds of wild animals. The birdman of Hatteras. This recent post on Browning’s Facebook page about some impromptu surgery performed on a snapping turtle that had been hit by a car is a good example. Given the creative use of materials in this effort, one commentor on the Facebook page hit it right on the head: “MacGyver would be proud.”

Hatteras Island Wildlife Rehabilitation

This snapping turtle was hit by a car. The depressed carapace was a challenge to pull up into place. A bolt off of a storm shutter and a off-shore reel seat did the trick. The bone mended, the hardware was removed and the turtle was release away from a road.


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