Dare County Sheriff warns of mail scam

By on November 17, 2020

Dare County Sheriff

The Dare County Sheriff’s Office has been informed of another Scam by mail. On its face, the document appears to be an official document coming from a Dare County entity, which it is not. The letter is missing a lot of the information that an actual notice would have. For example, it only has a phone number and not a mailing address.

In addition, it is titled Distraint Warrant, which is not a term used by the IRS, the North Carolina Comptroller of Public Accounts or County Tax Assessors-Collectors in North Carolina. Other telltale signs are the letter does not identify the tax owed or the tax period. If there is ever any doubt about the legitimacy of a notice, please call the IRS directly.

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  • David

    We the people want this stopped immediately and arrests made, period. Semper Fi

    Wednesday, Nov 18 @ 12:26 am
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