CHNS has second most crowded October on record

By on November 18, 2020

Visitors enjoying the beach near Cape Point in Buxton NC. (NPS)

(National Park Service)

New numbers released on Nov. 18 from the Cape Hatteras National Seashore (Seashore) provide more evidence of the robust tourist season that ensued after the Outer Banks re-opened to tourists in May.

The Seashore hosted 259,618 visits* last month, up 37.58% from October 2019. This was the second-busiest October on record, trailing only the 288,705 visits recorded in October 2003.

Only three times in its history has the Seashore hosted more than 200,000 visits in October.

Top 5 Highest October Visits by Year
  • 2003: 288,705
  • 2020: 259,618
  • 2018: 201,269
  • 2000: 199,548
  • 2017: 199,300

Fort Raleigh National Historic Site and the Wright Brothers National Memorial also experienced high levels of visitation last month. Notably, 19,779 visits were recorded at Fort Raleigh National Historic Site, making it the third-busiest October at the park.

*Seashore visitation estimates are collected by counting southbound vehicles just north of the Marc Basnight Bridge and using a multiplier to estimate the total number of passengers heading south. Those estimates are added to the number of passengers going to Ocracoke Island from Cedar Island and Swan Quarter.


On 5/27/2010 Edge Spectrum, Inc was granted a license by the FCC to serve the public interest in BUXTON, NC as a public trustee of WHOB-LD until 12/1/2020 when it expires. WHOB-LD Channel 50 filed an FCC renewal application for our 2.5 kW station transmitting from BUXTON, NC and serving the BUXTON area on 8/3/2020. Individuals who wish to advise the FCC of facts relating to our renewal application and to whether this station has operated in the public interest should file comments and petitions with the FCC. Information about the FCC broadcast license renewal process is available from the FCC, Washington, DC 20554.



  • Zack Bass

    The big surge in Covid cases is minuscule compared to all the Money that’s being made. Happy Holidays Everyone!!

    Wednesday, Nov 18 @ 7:41 pm
  • Al

    Dare county commissioners and county manager continue to state how much revenue has came into the county this year, yet they still don’t take care of their employees. Why would they, when they have padded their own pockets with two salaries from the county making $200,000.00 plus a year. While county employees working 2-3 jobs just to put food on the table for their family and pay for day care due to covid. A cola would have been greatly appreciated

    Wednesday, Nov 18 @ 8:12 pm
  • Sandflea

    And yet people wonder why Dare county COVID numbers are spiking.

    Thursday, Nov 19 @ 7:15 am
  • Steve

    They ruined the summer and now they ruin our Fall.

    Friday, Nov 20 @ 7:06 am
  • Steph

    Hi all,
    Reading these comments surely make considerate vacationers, such as myself, very unwelcome. I’ve been going to the obx for 42 years, and have seen the MANY changes. I had family there, own property. It is sad to read such cold-hearted statements here about tourists (most are good people).

    Monday, Nov 23 @ 7:36 am
  • hightider

    Every place I have ever lived was a tourist destination and the one thing they all had in common is that no one likes tourists or wants them there unless they are making money off them, and even then, many locals find it hard to fake politeness long enough to fleece them. I guess the solution is to move to Cleveland or someplace that no tourist would want to visit. At least in the past, they weren’t bringing their covid with them.

    Tuesday, Nov 24 @ 3:37 pm