Cook Out moves closer to coming to KDH

By on November 23, 2020

Voting unanimously to recommend that the Kill Devil Hills Board of Commissioners approve the site plan, the town’s Planning Board on Nov. 17 gave the go-ahead for the construction of a Cook Out restaurant on S. Croatan Highway at milepost 9.5, just south of Ocean Atlantic Rentals and across the bypass from the Harris Teeter Grocery store.

The restaurant — part of a popular chain of restaurants in the south that features burgers, barbeque, hot dogs and milkshakes — is slated to cover 1,500 square feet, feature two drive-through lanes, 18 parking spaces and a bike rack. The Kill Devil Hills commissioners are expected to consider the site plan at their December meeting.

The restaurant will not have any indoor seating. While some Cook Outs have indoor seating, many locations only offer drive-through service and patio seating.

 According to the chain’s website, the closest Cook Out to the Outer Banks is Elizabeth City. Cook Out also has locations in Norfolk, Chesapeake and the Hampton Roads area. The first Cook Out opened in 1989 in Greensboro, N.C. and now has locations in 10 states. In 2018, the chain opened its 250th location in Mobile, Alabama.

Enjoying a strong following in the south, Business Insider last year noted Cook Out’s reputation for low prices and high quality, dubbing it “the fast food king of North Carolina.”

Once completed, the Kill Devil Hills Cook Out will be the second fast food restaurant to come to the Outer Banks in recent months. In July, Taco Bell took over the building that housed Nu Quality Ice Cream in Southern Shores. That store also has no indoor seating.

Chris Clayton of Raleigh-based Commercial Site Design, PLLC. Is the applicant for the project. According to the application submitted to the town, the estimated construction cost of the project is $750,000.





  • kdh back seat observer

    French Fry Alley just got another resident

    Tuesday, Nov 24 @ 8:28 am
  • Boosue

    Really?? Just what KDH needs another crummy fast food chain for the great sunburned masses!

    Tuesday, Nov 24 @ 11:36 am
  • Roadrunner

    Sure wish we had a Bojangles somewhere closer than Plymouth.

    Tuesday, Nov 24 @ 4:30 pm
  • KHer

    Never heard of Cook Out. I would like an Arby’s to replace the one that disappeared years ago. A Bojangles would be nice.

    Tuesday, Nov 24 @ 6:18 pm
  • Elizabeth

    I know CookOut is new for most people down here, but ughhh it’s delicious. So bad but so good.

    Tuesday, Nov 24 @ 9:34 pm
  • CorollaCat

    Can we get a Chick-Fil-A already?! That’s the only reason I want this mid-currituck bridge. I need it.

    Wednesday, Nov 25 @ 10:05 am
  • Barb

    I don’t comment ordinarily but had to agree with BooSue- let her know there are kindred spirits out there. Don’t need more bad food for the “sunburned masses”. Don’t need the “sunburned masses” for that matter. Be nice if the Outer Banks could maintain a bit of its local flavor instead of more and more chains- and more and more people.

    Wednesday, Nov 25 @ 11:07 am
  • Miranda

    I vote for Chik-Fil-A as well!

    Wednesday, Nov 25 @ 6:55 pm
  • hightider

    If it is as awful as the Cook Out in Eliz City, hope your ER can treat ptomaine. Ordered a barbeque sandwich there and was revolted that the meat was a pink paste, not anything recognizable as meat or barbeque. Barb is absolutely correct – we don’t need more bad food or sunburned masses. For Roadrunner, there is a Bojangles in Eliz City – close to the Cook Out there. Bojangles’ drive through is always packed, while the Cook Out is not.

    Thursday, Nov 26 @ 10:46 am
  • LLL

    We need a kickstarter campaign to get Redlobster & Long john Silvers on the causeway!

    Thursday, Nov 26 @ 11:27 am