20 new COVID cases reported in Dare County

By on November 26, 2020

The Dare County Department of Health and Human Services reported 20 new cases of COVID-19 on Nov. 26, making it 57 new cases reported in the last three days. Eleven of the new cases involve Dare County residents and nine involve non-residents of the county. In the past two days, non-residents have accounted for almost half of the new cases. All of the individuals reported as today’s new cases are isolating, either in Dare County or their home counties.


  • hightider

    Non-residents – go home and reduce the infection rate on the OBX by almost 50%. This is our home and we don’t have a lot of options. You live elsewhere, so go back there and stay.

    Friday, Nov 27 @ 1:47 am
  • Art Bell

    Tourists and NRPOs have been seen all over raiding and hoarding supplies probably to take back to their home states. Many are not wearing MASKS or distancing. Cancel all future reservations and ticket out of state players who are hoarding supplies that LOCALS need here. Omits not called the off season for nothing. There a massive pandemic and these fools are rushing in from all over mainly from Northern areas devastated by the virus. NRPOs should be barred temporarily too. Money over sickness and death is ludicrous. Absolute greed. Their mortgage payments for the year have most likely been paid off with summer rentals. Time to evacuate preferably next week cancel future reservations and essential travel for LOCALS only. We need to get a grip on this virus locally and nationally.

    Friday, Nov 27 @ 6:20 am
  • Steve Simmons

    Businesses should all have Locals Only signs and sales.
    Tourists and homeowners are desperate to ruin us.

    Friday, Nov 27 @ 1:01 pm