Child care offered to Dare school employees

By on November 27, 2020

Citing it as an important resource for teachers with young children as they again teach remotely, the Dare County Schools are offering child care services for employees with children in grades K-8.

Any school employee can take advantage of the program and according to DCS Digital Communications Director Keith Parker, there are currently 67 students enrolled in the program. It operates from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. and costs $30 per child per week.

The child care program is being offered at all of the district’s five elementary schools and is currently being staffed by 14 After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) employees. Participating students are assigned to the same building where they attend school.

After re-opening schools full-time to elementary-aged children and implementing a hybrid schedule for middle and high schools in late October, the Dare County Board of Education on Nov. 13 voted to return to remote learning after the district saw roughly 20 positive COVID-19 cases in three weeks. Nearly 100 teachers across the district were quarantined during that time, which ultimately resulted in a teacher shortage.

The district will remain in remote learning through at least the second quarter, which ends on Jan. 15.


  • Ted Brogan

    There will be people who will gripe about this. In advance, please be quiet. Unless you are an educator, or married to one, you have no right. I feel so incredibly sorry for every teacher in this state. You don’t deserve what is being done to you.

    Friday, Nov 27 @ 6:01 pm
  • Dethrol

    Begging your pardon, but individuals in this country do not dictate the rights of other individuals, especially with respect to taxpayer funded programs using taxpayer funded resources and property. I’d like to know where Dare County is with implementation of services for the rest of the citizens of Dare County?

    Saturday, Nov 28 @ 10:27 am
  • Stan Clough

    The first comment sounds like a bureaucratic threat. I do not understand, what is being done to teachers ? Public school buildings are owned by the public, the tax PAYERS. Teachers are paid by the same tax payers. All Americans are experiencing the same and the world has a novel corona virus made in 2019 experience to remember.
    I imagine teachers are still getting paid ?
    Not everyone is !
    This all sounds bad ! Total bureaucratic abuse of power for their own personal benefit.
    Public schools are for the people, not the bureaucratic class only. Everyone needs daycare.
    If teaching is not going to happen in our wonderful schools then at least have daycare for all our working taxpaying citizens.

    Saturday, Nov 28 @ 3:38 pm
  • Stan Clough

    Dare County parents need to wake up an take control of their children’s education.
    The money belongs with the child, if Dare County Schools will not do the job the money will go to private schools run for Dare County Citizens as day care for the good of the public.

    Tuesday, Dec 1 @ 10:15 pm