NC12 on Ocracoke reopens, drive with caution

By on November 30, 2020


11/30/20 at 8 pm

NCDOT NC12 NC12 on Ocracoke and Hatteras remains OPEN tonight. There are areas with sand and water on the roadway, so please drive with extreme caution if traveling in the area.

11/30/20/at 3 pm

NCDOT NC12 NC 12 on Ocracoke has REOPENED to traffic between the Ferry Terminal and the Pony Pens, with sand and water on the roadway. HOWEVER, it is possible the road will need to be closed again at or before tonight’s high tide at 7:30 p.m. Please drive with extreme caution in the area.



11/30/20/at 8:20 am

NC12 on Ocracoke closed, additional overwash possible on Monday

NCDOT NC12  Due to ocean overwash, NC12 on Ocracoke has been CLOSED between the ferry terminal and the NPS Pony Pens. Overwash is expected to continue through the day today. On Hatteras, NC12 is OPEN, but there are several areas of deep standing water due to rain. Please drive carefully.

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  • Zack Bass

    Why not abandon that section of road and have the ferry’s come in at Silver Lake instead? It seems like it’s a losing battle and a waste of money to keep fighting the Ocean.

    Monday, Nov 30 @ 5:18 pm