Rep. Murphy splits votes on election challenges 

By on January 7, 2021

How the NC delegation acted on certifying results


When they arrived back at their desks after the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol Building, U.S. House members and U.S. Senators ended up voting on objections to certifying the 2020 presidential election results in two states – Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Here is how North Carolina’s D.C. delegation voted on on the objections lodged by Republicans who opposed accepting the 2020 presidential election results in those two states.

North Carolina’s two U.S. Senators, Republicans Richard Burr and Thom Tillis, both voted against the two objections, choosing to support the results. They had a lot of company as more than 90 of the 100 senators voted against both objections.

In the House votes on the two objections, there was more of a party-line split, with a majority of Republicans voting to support those opposed to accepting the election results.

Gregory Murphy, the U.S. Third District Congressman who represents the Outer Banks, split his vote, siding with Republicans who opposed the Pennsylvania certification and voting against the objection to the Arizona results.

The five Democratic members of the state’s 13-member U.S. House delegation voted against both objections. They were George Butterfield Jr. (District 1); Deborah Ross (District 2); David Price (District 4); Kathy Manning (District 6); and Alma Adams (District 12).  They were joined by the one Republican member of the state’s U.S. House contingent who opposed both objections — Patrick McHenry (District 10)

When it came to the Arizona results, two Republican House Members from North Carolina voted against the objection. They were Murphy (District 3) and Virginia Foxx (District 5). Those Republicans supporting the Arizona objection were Dan Bishop (District 9) Ted Budd (District 13), Madison Cawthorn (District 11), Richard Hudson (District 8) and David Rouzer (District 7).

On the Pennsylvania question, all the Republican House Members other than McHenry voted to support the objection.



  • Wombatnc

    Just because someone says something over and over again doesn’t mean it’s true. There has not been a single piece of evidence submitted before any court or Board of Elections to prove massive voting irregularities or especially voting fraud. North Carolina and other states where Trump won, followed the many of the same voting procedures that were put in place, legally, due to the pandemic. Why is it only the states that he lost that they’re challenging? For those of you with the wool over you eyes, this is like a 2nd grader not getting his way. I remember comments about “whining lib-tards, etc.” being put forth on this venue by readers on earlier occasions – y’all should take a good look in the mirror! This was a free and fair election – Biden won, Trump lost – lets move on and try to accomplish some good.
    I believe that in Rep. Murphy’s purely partisan vote, putting his president and his lies before/over the Constitution and the country that he and his other conspirators should be expelled from Congress or at a minimum censored for their unamerican actions – rioters in kings clothes.
    As far as the president; he organized the “march”; he and Donny Jr and Rudy whipped up the emotions and incited the brainwashed crowd of deplorables to riot (not all of them) and take over the capitol. The 25th Amendment should be invoked (treason, unfit to fulfill his duties due to mental illness) immediately before he can do more harm. At worse, invoked that he and Jr or Rudy can never run for President again.
    Russia’s Vladimir Putin must be sitting back sipping vodka enjoying how his stooge performed just how he intended.

    Friday, Jan 8 @ 8:16 am
  • 0utis

    As far as i am concerned this elected official (our elected official in the US House of Representatives) is a traitor to this democracy. By supporting Trump’s attempt to overthrow the US government, to cast aside the votes of millions of Americans, and inciting a riot that invaded and vandalized the US Capitol Building, you are a traitor. You supported Trump by voting to object to the legitimate votes of the Electors, as he wanted. The fact that you split your vote does not provide you with cover. And you did this after watching the riot, and destruction at the place where you voted, the “people’s house”.
    I want to repeat something I saw in these last few terrible days, that really got to me. Someone pointed out that these people who broke into, ransacked and defiled the Capitol Building, leaving two people dead, are not only traitors and criminals, but have done this to the building that 40 Americans gave their lives to protect on 9/11. Those people on Flight 93 died to prevent that plane from crashing into the US Capitol, and these rioters desecrated that same building, as well as the memory and sacrifice of those people.
    What a sad day for America!

    Friday, Jan 8 @ 12:41 pm
  • Bebe Reposo

    I agree that he should resign unless he can provide real evidence that would stand up in court-not innuendo or rumors. The scope of work this fantasy fraud would have been so vast, and would have included dems and repubs; poll workers; poll supervisors; lt. governors; governors; local, state, federal courts and the Supreme Court AND republican state legislatures. I don’t think fraud was ever charged in any court action.
    So Murphy sided with the Qanon Shaman, and should resign.

    Friday, Jan 8 @ 1:37 pm
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