Sailboat collides with Alligator River Bridge

By on January 9, 2021

(NC Wildlife Resources Commission)

Today, at approximately 09:30 a.m., the U.S. Coast Guard notified Tyrell County Communications and NC Wildlife that a 29 ft. sailboat had lost power and was drifting towards the Alligator River Bridge. Tyrell County Volunteer Fire Department and NC Wildlife Officers responded to the scene.

Tyrell County Volunteer Fire Department was first on scene and found the sailboat against the North West side of the bridge.  Firefighters were able to secure a line to the distressed vessel and pull the vessel into the Alligator River Marina.  Upon initial investigation NC Wildlife Officers have determined that the two men onboard the vessel had left Coinjock Marina yesterday evening in an attempt to cross the Albemarle Sound as they traversed the Atlantic Intercoastal Waterway in route to Florida.

During the night, the vessel lost power from their diesel engine and the two men attempted to sail to the Alligator River Marina.  Due to high winds and low visibility, the men chose to anchor just outside the Marina, North of the Alligator River Bridge.  This morning the two men again attempted to sail the vessel into the Marina when they lost control and drifted into the bridge.  No one was injured in the collision between the vessel and bridge. However the vessel did sustain damages.  NC Wildlife Officer Dylan Hanes is investigating the incident.





  • Hugh

    Need pictures. Is this the same sailboat that was “rescued” twice in the past month by the Coast Guard?

    Sunday, Jan 10 @ 3:48 pm
  • hightider

    They didn’t get very far – better to have had mechanical problems close to home than further along on their trip to Florida. People underestimate the Albemarle Sound all the time although it would have been smarter to leave in the morning – and to have the boat checked out before leaving at all. Agree that pictures would be nice.

    Monday, Jan 11 @ 2:59 am
  • Seal

    No it was not those idiots….
    These guys really only bad decision was trying to sail to the marina VS being towed a couple of hundred yards !
    Went down just to see and it messed that pretty boat up good !

    Monday, Jan 11 @ 8:56 am