DHHS warns of 6-8 week wait for COVID shots

By on January 15, 2021

9 p.m. UPDATE : The Dare County Department of  Health and Human Services has just reported 33 new COVID-19 cases on Jan. 15. That brings the total number of cases reported here since the outset of the pandemic to 2,208.

As of 8:30 p.m. on Jan. 15, the Dare County Department of Health and Human Services had not released any new COVID numbers for the county. Earlier in the day, however, DHHS did publish an update announcing it was now accepting vaccine appointment requests for individuals 65 and older. But it also warned that there could be a considerable wait for those shots.

The update stated that, “If you are a healthcare worker or at least 65 years of age, you may submit a request for a Vaccination Appointment at www.darenc.com/Register4Vaccine or by calling the COVID-19 call center at 252-475-5008.

Dare County DHHS receives a limited supply of vaccine on a weekly basis from the state. We will schedule appointments for individuals from the appropriate Phase as the vaccine supply allows. Based on the anticipated number of individuals in this phase, we anticipate it could take 6-8 weeks before all individuals in these Prioritization Phases who wish to be vaccinated receive one.”


North Carolina

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reported 8,914 cases of COVID-19 on Jan. 15 as well as 108 deaths from COVID in the past 24 hours. The number of individuals who are hospitalized with the virus dropped by 74, down to 3,916, from the previous day. The percentage of positive tests out of all tests administered reported today was 11.2%, basically unchanged from the previous day.


Statewide NC coronavirus numbers on Jan. 15

Link to COVID-19 North Carolina Dashboard

  • Total reported NC cases – 659,840
  • New cases reported today – 8,914
  • Reported deaths – 7,933 (108 since yesterday)
  • Currently hospitalized – 3,916 (74 fewer than yesterday)
  • Suspected COVID-19 cases hospitalized in past 24 hours – 306 (up 4 from yesterday)
  • Confirmed COVID-19 case hospitalized in past 24 hours – 459 (up 3 from yesterday)
  • Adults in ICU with COVID-19 – 861 (up 3 from yesterday)
  • Patients presumed to be recovered – 521,475
  • Reported cases in Dare, Currituck and Hyde Counties – 3,612 (Dare 2,175, Currituck 887, Hyde 550)
  • Completed tests – 7,874,642
  • Daily percent positive tests – 11.2%
  • Received first dose of vaccine – 238,344. Received both doses—44,271

Note: Every morning, the NC Department of Health and Human Services posts updates the number of reported cases of coronavirus. That number reflects positive results from all tests, including the NC State Laboratory of Public Health and all hospital and commercial labs. There may be other reports, from the media and elsewhere, that will include different numbers during a given day, but this is an effective way of tracking numbers from the same source on a day-to-day basis.









  • OBXJoe

    “Like a Miracle”…………….another lie

    Saturday, Jan 16 @ 7:37 am
  • OBX Resident

    Please report how many vaccinations have been made available to Dare County and how many vaccinations have been administered in Dare County, then compare this to the surrounding counties. The public deserves these numbers.

    Saturday, Jan 16 @ 10:09 am
  • Mark Jurkowitz | Outer Banks Voice

    Those numbers are in the story we published today.

    Saturday, Jan 16 @ 7:22 pm
  • Kit

    Will vaccine be available on time for second shots as scheduled? If not, what happens to those who got the first shot if no second shot is available?

    Saturday, Jan 16 @ 11:21 am
  • anotherobxman

    @Mark Jurkowitz posted

    Sherrie, here’s the priority list after the 65 and older group.

    Under the state’s new simplified vaccination priority list, the next group to be vaccinated would be frontline essential workers such as teachers, law enforcement officers, childcare workers and others. Following that group, providers will move onto vaccinating adults at a high risk for exposure and an increased risk of severe illness. The final phase would be the remainder of the population.

    Thursday, Jan 14 @ 9:51 pm

    So older group (65 and older) must wait until AFTER Dare County school staff will be vaccinated even though they don’t fall into the current Group 2? Who do you have to know in Dare County to get your vaccine? Does Dare County get to simply override the schedule laid out by the State of North Carolina?

    Saturday, Jan 16 @ 12:43 pm
  • Mark Jurkowitz | Outer Banks Voice

    Teachers are scheduled to be vaccinated on Jan. 23 and Feb. 13. I am guessing that has something to do with wanting to get the classrooms open
    Those 65 and older can register now, but some may have a wait of weeks before getting the vaccine. Of course, until the feds (and then the state) changed its guidelines to lower the eligibility age earlier this week, those between 65-75 would have had to wait longer. I think we are looking a fluid, changeable and confusing situation.

    Saturday, Jan 16 @ 7:36 pm
  • Sherrie

    Can someone tell me why if Dare County has shortage of the vaccine, why are they allowing out of state property owners to get vaccinated in Dare County, when they don”t live here year round? Thank you

    Saturday, Jan 16 @ 9:44 pm
  • anotherobxman

    I’m sure it does have something to do with wanting the classrooms open but that is NOT the schedule per the state of North Carolina. So I guess that Dare County simply makes up their own priority list. What’s next, friends and family of the board?

    Sunday, Jan 17 @ 8:40 pm
  • 65andWaiting

    I totally agree that there is confusion surrounding vaccination priorities in Dare County which trickles down from the state. The biggest problem is convincing the state to send more than 500 doses per week (+/-), then maybe set up a drive thru. I submitted my registration last week, received a “submitted” notification, but still no phone call confirming an appointment. I guess I’ll be waiting till Spring if I’m lucky. I wonder how many people work on scheduling?

    Tuesday, Jan 19 @ 4:13 pm