COVID outbreak, 15 cases, at Peak Resources

By on January 20, 2021

The Dare County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has confirmed that the Peak Resources nursing and rehabilitation facility in Nags Head currently has an outbreak of 15 positive COVID cases, including 14 residents and 1 staff member.

DHHS Director Sheila Davies indicated that 11 of those 15 cases were identified on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

“The facility has not been allowing visitors per DHHS protocols since the outbreak started with the first 2 cases. As per protocol, staff are being tested 2 times weekly and all patients once per week,” she wrote in an email.

Residents and staffers at long-term care facilities were in the group, along with healthcare workers, slated to receive the first doses of COVID vaccine when they became available.

Asked about that, Davies said she could not attest to the fact that everyone at Peak Resources had been vaccinated, but she noted that Walgeens had provided the first doses of the vaccination to Peak staff and patients on Jan. 6.

“It is important to remind people that individuals must receive both doses to receive the 95% effectiveness described in the studies,” she added.








  • Phoebe

    There’s a problem that Sheila Davies doesn’t know the definitive answer to the just how many residents HAVE or haven’t been vaccinated. It’s been reported only 1,669 shots have been given in Dare County to date. There are ONLY 2 assisted living facilities here on the beach. BOTH should have been priority #1!!! Not that hard to keep track of Ms. Davies. Shameful…. Just like our current number of 2300 confirmed cases as of 1/20. That’s 734 new cases since 12/31…. 20 days. Folks, this is only going to get worse. And unfortunately, at my age of 62… I’m sure I’m still months away for my place in line for a vaccine. Sad.

    Wednesday, Jan 20 @ 3:57 pm
  • anotherobxman

    If Sheila Davies doesn’t know how many were vaccinated at Peak it is only because she hasn’t bothered to ask. There is only one source….Walgreens. She may not be able to tell you exactly WHO….but how MANY is not restricted by privacy issues.

    Thursday, Jan 21 @ 10:29 am
  • Chris Smith

    Ok I thought these people were supposed to be taken care of a while ago. The article said that there had been no visitors. 1 staff member and 14 or 15 residents. So did the staff member get the vaccine or is the staff member one of those who didn’t want the vaccine. I’m just asking????,

    Thursday, Jan 21 @ 9:05 pm