State of the County slated for Wednesday

By on January 25, 2021

Dare County

Join Dare County Board of Commissioners Chairman Bob Woodard for a virtual State of the County presentation this Wednesday, January 27 at 2 p.m.

Chairman Woodard will share the county’s accomplishments in 2020 and address topics such as COVID-19 response, capital improvement projects, and the preservation of our beaches.

Registration is not required; simply tune in to at 2 p.m. this Wednesday.

Chairman Woodard will also share information about the wide array of events and projects that are currently underway and on the horizon in Dare County as the community looks to the future at the beginning of a brand new year.

Viewers who have questions for Chairman Woodard will have the opportunity to submit them via email during the presentation for a Q&A session that will end the event.

For more information about State of the County 2021, visit






  • Chris Smith

    So how come chairman Woodard did not comment on allocations being canceled from many county’s just to help Charlotte I don’t think that’s right. If you allocate X amount of vaccines per County that’s how they should be delivered. You don’t cancel county’s just to do one big city Scheduling vaccines to the county’s now are getting out of hand I think a 5 year old romper Room kid could schedule better then what’s going on.

    Monday, Jan 25 @ 3:58 pm
  • Chris Smith

    To bob Woodward if you don’t call out ROY COOPER your name is $#!t on this beach.

    Monday, Jan 25 @ 8:07 pm