Hyde has waiting list for those 65 and older

By on January 30, 2021

(Hyde County Health Department)

The Hyde County Health Department continues to vaccinate individuals who are 65 years of age and older. We are given a specific number of doses each week, which are based on numbers of low-income adults 65 and older, and historically marginalized populations of adults 65 and older.  Because of the small number of doses we are allocated, we are unable to vaccinate everyone in the 65 and older category.  We encourage you to continue to call for appointments, and your name will be placed on a waiting list.  As appointment slots open up and/or we are provided more vaccine, you will be called for an appointment.

To schedule an appointment at the Hyde County Health Department, please call 252-926-4467.  To schedule an appointment on Ocracoke, please call 252-489-3622. At either facility, leave a message if you do not talk to someone.  Please be patient while waiting for a return phone call, and do not call back, as this ties up the phone lines.

After receiving your shot, you must continue to practice the 3 Ws – Wear a facial covering, Wait 6 feet, Wash your hands frequently.  




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  • Bobby

    Hyde County states the number of vaccines they receive is based on the number of low income citizens over 65. Why is that considered? If your over 65 your over 65 rich or poor.

    Saturday, Jan 30 @ 9:58 pm