Animals in Art Show

By on February 7, 2021

Seaside Art Gallery

Animals in Art Show Feb. 1st – 27th, 2021 All sorts of animals bring joy, laughter, security and comfort to countless lives daily. They are our best friends, comforters and confidants, whether in a quiet hospital ward, at home, out in nature, everywhere! Animals play an important part in our lives!

During the month of February each year,  Seaside Art Gallery helps to recognize and celebrate animals while helping to create a better world for them. A portion of proceeds from the sale of any item featuring an animal in the gallery from February 1st–27th, will be donated to the Coastal Humane Society to benefit animals. Artwork featured in the ‘Animals in Art Show’ can be seen and purchased both in the gallery and online. For more information call 252-441-5418.

The Coastal Humane Society is a private, all volunteer non-profit organization working on the Outer Banks of NC to ensure all animals are cared for and no caretaker is forced to give up a pet because of financial hardship.




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