Tatum Love update: ‘Every measurable is improving.’

By on February 7, 2021

With so many people rooting and praying for her, we wanted to bring you these excerpts from the latest update posted on the Caring Bridge site about the condition of Tatum Love, the First Flight High School junior seriously injured in a Jan. 26 car accident. The tone is careful, but the news certainly seems good.

“It’s hard to view any of this in terms of some kind of an ‘update’ when the journey is life itself and filled with so much unknown, but Tatum continues to move forward and improve with every opportunity to do so. There is more meaningful eye contact, more purposeful movement, more facial expression, more responsive touching, more there there…more Tatum there. She flat out looks better. Every measurable is improving.

The road is long and the challenges are many but she is using the struggle as fuel. Showing grit with every step forward. Grinding every day!

None of this is possible without all the love and support we are constantly receiving. Lorrie, Tyler and I would quite simply not be able to be here for Tatum like we need to be without it…without all of you!

We cannot possibly thank everyone enough but will spend the rest of our lives trying!

-Lorrie and Billy Love”

Gofundme to help support the Love family

Fundraising site for Tatum Love & Love is Strong merchandise


  • Carol Davis

    Enjoy your news!

    Monday, Feb 8 @ 8:20 am
  • Travis

    Young Ms. Love, keep healing and improving. There’s a whole community here rooting for you.

    Tuesday, Feb 9 @ 10:45 am
  • Greg

    That is so good to hear. It is far past time that a median be installed on 158 from Kitty Hawk Road to MP 14 The center lane on 158 creates a dangerous situation. Serious accidents occur due to drivers taking chances crossing and making left hand turns from side streets. I have has several close calls on 158 from drivers pulling out in front of me.

    Monday, Feb 15 @ 10:58 am